IDC Tool

IDC Tool

IDC Tool


The IDC is designed to limit or control the movement of a tool-string within the well-bore. This may be required to prevent a logging tool being blown up or along the well-bore by fluid flow, or to hold a tool on an incline.

Special slips are available to enable the IDC to act as a torque anchor in the well-bore. The arms of the IDC provide an axial resistance to movement within the well-bore of approximately 300lbs, depending on well pressure. The tool is addressable and therefore multiple IDC tools can be deployed within a string.

The only restrict ion on placement is that each tool should have direct access to a cable conductor. The IDC requires only one conductor and ground for activation and employs a robust, field-proven telemetry system designed for fail-safe operation.

The tool’ s electronics can withstand up to 1000vac/1000vdc on its operating conductors. In the event of loss of communication to the tool, it can be withdrawn from the well through restrictions by closure of the load spring or shearing of the arm retaining pins.


• Logging;

• Tractor operations;

• High-flow PL;

• Orientated Perforating;

• Torque anchoring;

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