S.W.A.T. Spectral Well Analysis Technology


Spectral Gamma Ray

Records entire Spectrum of all natural emitting Gamma Rays and previously Injected Isotopes during stimulation (frac). Each isotope energy level (measured in Electron Volts (KeV) is simultaneously recorded at surface.

The resulting spectral provides vital data to determine placement of all frac fluids and/or proppants.

The spectral Survey can be observed on a remote monitor while the downhole spectra survey is being recorded. Do not have to retrieve spectral gamma ray from downhole before getting results of survey.

Other services recorded on same trip downhole are Correlation Gamma Ray, Temperature Survey and Collar Log for depth control with other Surveys.


Isotopes Commonly Used for Tagging

Isotope       Half-Life       Gammy Ray                                                  Energy (KeV)

Iridium-192                74 Days                     317,468,604

Scandium -46            84 Days                     889,1120

Antimony -124            60 Days                     603,1691

Iodine -131                  8 Days                            364


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