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Case Study:

Downhole InSight nuWAV Shows Collapsed and Parted Casing and Stub Directly Below


An operator in the middle of a new project called after encountering challenges preventing them from forward progress. They indicated that the well would circulate, therefore we recommended running tubing to the area of interest and deploying the camera down the tubing simultaneous to circulating.


The operator suspected that remedial efforts/operations had gotten outside of the casing and needed to verify whether fishing operations were inside or outside of the casing around 3330’.


The camera run determined that the casing had collapsed causing fishing efforts to side-track into open hole 3328’. We were also able to locate the point where the casing split open with the tubing at inside 3333’. Armed with these visual diagnostics, the operator has confidence in their decisions moving forward and reducing unforeseen risk.


The operator was able to inspect other problem areas of the wellbore while running in to inspect the location of the fish. Additionally, the operator was able to save on additional NPT relating to additional fishing operations (in this specific case, approximately $10k/day).



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