Levelland, TX June 19, 2019, Renegade Wireline Services made the announcement that its CannSealTM single-run epoxy injection tool is ready for deployment.

In the pursuit of becoming the largest privately held wireline services company in the US, Renegade was actively developing a sealant injection product line to its suite of completion and production tools and services. Their R&D search drew them to Stavanger, Norway where the met CannSealTM.

CannSealTM is a proprietary technology used to leverage annular isolation for the production services industry. The technology is owned by EDS Group, Equinor, Sumitomo, and Saudi Aramco EV, and field tested by Equinor, Shell, Total, ConocoPhillips, Eni, BP, and Maersk. This large consortium of contributors have developed a solution built around both technology and operational efficiency in the well intervention space.

The CannSealTM technology is the only tool in the industry that can perforate and inject resin in a single-run through the use of a wireline truck. Cutting out additional trips in hole match operators demand for improved efficiencies and cost-cutting innovations, especially when unwanted flow problems styme well intervention operations.

The epoxy is designed to be injection in either casing-to-casing applications or between casing and formations. The epoxy can also be injected in problem areas such as gravel packs or micro-annuli in cement. The viscosity of the epoxy can be engineered to match any downhole condition.

In 2014, CannSealTM invested in a 40 meter vertical test well in their shop with the ability to control both temperature and pressure up to 90 degrees C and 300 bar. They also have a horizontal test well with similar adjustable features, as well as a full lab on site and an epoxy production center.

Renegade is the exclusive operator of CannSealTM in the United States. The Renegade team believe that the CannSealTM product line is going to take the well intervention services market in North America to new heights, and extend well life of wells in historical problem areas and wells that have been impacted by premature shut-ins.

Read more about the CannSealTM field trial in the Journal of Petroleum Technology feature article link below.

Renegade is a global leader in completion and production field services to E&P companies in the upstream oil and gas industry.


Journal of Petroleum Technology Field Trial

Article in Journal of Petroleum Technology covers CannSeal field trial

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