Clearly, technology has improved modern life throughout the cycles of the industrial revolution through what we think of technology today1. The line in the sand has seemingly blown away in the wind in terms of the crossover point of growth spending versus return on capital employed. Furthermore, the break-room buzz of investor pain of late has sparked the conversation about really cutting costs across entire programs, changing upstream design for the long term, and influential management styles that keep investors feeling secure (relatively secure, that is)2.

Every service claims to have value that it brings to its particular flavor of the mix. Fact of the matter is, when oil hovers in the $50 range (also known as breakeven for some of you out there), chasing IPs ‘on the next one’, there is no other way out but to stay the course. There appears to be an infinite supply buzz-worthy, golden egg services on the market today that boast the latest way to predict, machine-learn, or hyperbolize production to death via over-application of equipment and services.

A concrete, historically successful practice of automation has led global companies safer and more potent production across numerous industries. The intention of writing this is to hold the light and present a real option that satisfies numerous needs. Not all technology is created equally! As things go from bad to worse through uncertain times, simplify. Deflate the situation by transitioning to a long-term solution that will be difficult to replicate in a new way without taking a step back in time. The modern energy demand requires a modern solution that has instantaneous results that can be observed, measured, and scaled that satisfies the producers’ appetite for technology adaptation and the investors famished for a decent return for their risk effort.

AFE™ is the cornerstone where you can make a change that washes the slate clean of constraints built from a different price era.

If shale is going to be the continued driver of overall production, completion costs, time, and efficiency must change. For comparison’s sake, we don’t envision operators of scale switching from top drive rigs. Why would you? AFE™ is the equivalent mechanical autonomy of the completion side.

Measurable consolidation on surface that will change today’s completions operations from here on out. Think about that. No AI or derivatives of technologies that present illusion of value. When push finally comes to shove, remember a tangible, instantaneous implementation to the oilfield and the investment community will appreciate for years to come.

You will never get stronger without picking up the weights…

– Renegade Services




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