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Renegade Fishing Services 

Going The Extra Mile 

It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that sometimes tools get lost downhole. When this happens, Renegade is standing by with a full range of tools, equipment and expertise to help retrieve the stuck tool.  

The advantage of Renegade is that we eliminate a lot of the usual headaches you encounter in a typical wellsite environment. Instead of leaving you with unresolved problems, you get a job done right. 

We provide robust reliable tools, built with strength and performance in mind. Renegade’s experienced fishing professionals can plan the best, most cost-effective job performed in a timely manner in any well environment.  

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    The goal: retrieve the lost tool and restore well operations and production. 

      • Quick connect system for fast connect/disconnect times resulting in faster overall job time 
      • Mechanical Impact Tool to help loosen stuck tools 
      • 7-inch and smaller overshot tools 
      • All tools are Renegade owned and operated, no third-party tools or equipment 
      • The ability to fish on competitor line and trucks 
      • Available for use on 5/16- and 1/4-inch braided line  
      • Pump-down service available at any depth to retrieve stuck tools still attached to plugs or packers 

    The Renegade Services team has the expertise and most advanced technology to provide a customized solution to free and retrieve the stuck toolstring, minimize downtime and maximize profit. Renegade has a full suite of enhanced services that includes: 

      • Stuck Pipe Log to provide a continuous record and evaluation of a stuck pipe string. 
      • Radial Cutting Torch can sever tubing, casing, drill pipe and coiled tubing without the use of explosives or hazardous materials. 
      • Circulating Pyro Torch  for operations requiring annular flow prior to cutting.  
      • Bridge Plugs When a barrier is needed before or after separating pipe a bridge plug can be set in the tubular to maintain well control. They are typically used only when pressure is present.  
      • NuWAV ™ Downhole InSight ™ Camera provides quality, high-resolution video of the borehole environment and can be used to identify the stuck object to help plan tool retrieval.
      • Tubular Fishing  When running MWD tools, tubing will need to be fished before pipe recovery operations begin. 
      • Freepoint/Backoff Service to quickly determine the stuck point, loosen or sever the stuck string and then recover as much of the stuck tool or string as possible.  

    Don’t Let Lost Tools Hurt Your Opperation 

    Contact Renegade to talk with our expert team.