Gunslinger - Increased Frequency of Rebuilding of Guns for Completions
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Increases in the number of stages completed per day can put added strain on operators, and increase the risk for potential fatigue-related incidents.

The increased frequency of rebuilding of guns is similar to the high volume of repair at the shop level. Gunhandler has an overall height of 42 inches and provides an ideal working height for the operator. Renegade is bridging the gap to assist our field operators and providing shop-caliber handling solutions alongside the wellhead.


We all know hazard hunts and the on-going safety awareness briefs can’t eliminate risk. Process optimization through human intervention is an exercise in diminishing returns. Renegade has once again brought another engineering safety product that creates valuable change in an overlooked process. Our track record of bringing products such as the RigLock® has provided with the Gold Award for safety 3 times and we are hoping keep pushing the safety bar with Gunhandler.


The Gunhandler was designed with the operator in mind. The hydraulically actuated lift bunk ranges from horizontal to 80º of control that eliminates the need for manual dolly laydowns. Taking the operator out of the line of fire removes many of the risk variables associated with near-wellhead operations. The 6-pad landing gear not only provides a stable footing for anchored operation but also creates a clearly defined “no-go” zone during operation. During operation of the Gunhandler, the 2-position butt stock has a ratcheting lock feature for peace-of-mind that tools remain secured, and is spring-retained in the event that an operator forgets to ratchet it down before use.