Levelland, TX June 27, 2019, Renegade Wireline Services announced that one of its latest tools, the Casing Expansion Tool (CET), will be available in as early as September 2019.

The inception of this tool came from a partnership with Shell Appalachia in an effort to design a more effective way of stopping and preventing gas migration in micro-annuli formed between casing and cement.

CET is a retrievable tool that is deployed via an electric-line operator that is lowered to any targeted depth(s) and actuated to expand a series of radial knuckle-bent fingers to plastically deform casing to expand localized sections. This expansion “crimp” detents the outer wall of the casing into the micro-annuli and re-interfaces the casing and cement to stop and prevent backside gas flow.

Shell field tested the CET on 3 wells during the second quarter of this year with outstanding results. All three wells went from producing an average of 500 liters/day of gas to 0.05 liters/day after crimping various sections of the 3 wellbores. There are more scheduled CET services for the remainder of the month that are expected to yield zero gas flow after the tool deployment.

Renegade is very excited about the potential applications of the tool. With the tool being on the market at the end of next quarter, the team is hopeful that demand will be strong in not only production services, but in completions and even peripheral drilling services too.

More information can be found about the tool on Renegades’ website:

CET – Casing Expansion Tool

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