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RigLock®: The Industry’s First and Only Hands-Free Wellhead Connection

Renegade Services: Pioneer of RigLock®

With 81 units (as of July 2019) passing through the hands of their trained operators, Renegade Services, the largest independently owned wireline company in the USA and the leading service company for RigLock®, has seen the groundbreaking impact of this true innovation first hand and is currently running them for their own major competitors. The VP of Operations, Randy Cassady played an integral role in the creation and especially the implementation of this system.

The people behind the machine

When you work with Renegade’s trained technicians, you will get first-class customer service from the industry-leading team that helped bring it to market. Renegade ensures that your well site experiences the full safety and efficiency benefits. Check out the video below for more information about the Renegade difference.

New! RigLock® 15K

now compatible with high pressure wells and coil tubing.


for wells up to 12.5K.

The Creation of RigLock®

RigLock® was developed as a collaborative effort between Renegade’s VP of Operations and founding partner, Randy Cassady, and a pressure control equipment manufacturer.

The eureka moment came in a Shell safety meeting where they asked all in attendance to think out of the box about safety and to come up with innovations in safety or to minimally begin to incorporate forward thinking about how to improve safety. Randy immediately recalled two of the worst incidents he had seen. Both incidents involved a man in an aerial lift. The problems turned into ideas, the ideas into conversations, and the conversations into prototypes. Through collaboration between Randy and another manufacturer, the RigLock® was born.

After releasing it to the market in the middle of 2016, we were amazed at the industry acceptance for this safety tool.


Key Features of RigLock®
Nightcap Oversized highly visible entry guide. Mechanical Locking Ring secures the cams. Cam locks secures equipment connection. Manifold to test integrity of connection. Accessible Hydraulic Hook-ups. Integrated 2 inch 1502 pump-in sub. Flange connection to the wellhead.


Contains pressure and keeps foreign material out of the frac tree between stages.

Oversized highly visible entry guide.

This allows the crane operator to quickly spot the sub going into RigLock® from distances of over hundred feet, ensuring proper equipment placement. RigLock® speeds up all well work with quickly connecting and disconnecting.

Mechanical Locking Ring secures the cams.

The locking ring goes over top the cams giving us a secondary lock and thus ensuring the integrity of the connection even during possible loss of hydraulic power.

Cam locks secures equipment connection.

The patented design uses a series of 6 cams to both seat the sub, secure a good connection, and to allow the locking ring to come over the top of it, thus sealing RigLock® to the wellhead.

Manifold to test integrity of connection.

The quick test sub portion of the RigLock® body enables you to test the connection from the control unit on the ground before well pressure is introduced to RigLock®.

Accessible Hydraulic Hook-ups.

Hydraulic quickly connects to RigLock® so that we can quickly make the connections to function the cams the locking rings and the quick test sub. Remote hydraulic actuation keeps technicians away from possible collision or crushing injuries.

Integrated 2 inch 1502 pump-in sub.

This allows for equalization and to pump into the lubricator from below RigLock®.

Flange connection to the wellhead.

These flanges come in different orientations and sizes so that you can easily install RigLock® on any well head.

RigLock® Control Unit Features
Well Pressure Monitoring System System Power/Pressure Console Safety Lockouts Solar Panel for On Board Power Storage Retractable Hose Reels Perkins Diesel-Hydraulic Power Unit with Air Compressor

Well Pressure Monitoring System

System Power/Pressure Console

Safety Lockouts

Solar Panel for On Board Power Storage

Retractable Hose Reels

Perkins Diesel-Hydraulic Power Unit with Air Compressor

The Future of RigLock® Innovation

RigLock® changed the oil and gas industry significantly, much like the combustion engine changed the industry of transportation. As we continue to deploy more systems every month, we continue to pioneer new products to expand its efficiency and safety.

Today there are several enhancements to the RigLock® that were not available when the product initially launched. These enhancements to the product make it both safer and more efficient.

Eventually, we believe we will see this package on every well head around the world. We anticipate the RigLock® will fundamentally transform the way completions activities are done on oil or gas well sites.


“We greatly value our relationship with Renegade Services. They provide a quality experience to their customer with a unique and innovative approach.”

—Nick Snoke

Renegade RigLock® 15K

Remote, Quick Connection with Simple Operations Designed Specifically for High-Pressure Wells

The RigLock® 15K remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead for high-pressure wells. It increases well operation efficiencies and eliminates the risk of potential and costly injuries. With an innovative design, the RigLock® 15K has simple mechanisms to close in well pressure especially under the grueling conditions present in high-pressure formations.

Engineered for the Extreme Conditions of High-Pressure Operations

The RigLock® 15K conquers the challenging environments of high-pressure well operations with 3 levels of safety. Well intervention teams, responsible for high-pressure operations, will benefit from increased productivity while improving safety on location. The engineered construction is composed of a limited number of moving parts which reduces maintenance time and improves operations while also increasing usability. With the RigLock® 15K, the adapter or night-cap initiates the connection. The hydraulically actuated lock ring lowers to complete it.

RigLock® 15K Features:

The RigLock® 15K remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead for high-pressure wells.

  • Designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure well operations.
  • 3 levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and business relations.
  • Four tapered wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night-cap is received into the RigLock.
  • The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the tapered wedges completing the connection.
  • The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures crane operators can properly place equipment.
  • By working remotely, technicians lock and unlock the RigLock® from a safe distance eliminating the possibility of injury.

RigLock® 15K Control Unit Features:

  • Advanced sensors with light indicators ensure proper closure to prevent operators from applying pressure prematurely.
  • The powerful, lightweight VMAC hydraulic driven air compressor generates 140 PSI and produces 30 CFM.
  • Powered by a Tier 4 Final diesel engine that runs clean and quiet.

A RigLock® is Ready for You

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

—Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

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