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Leak Detection

Experience and innovation provide the means to successfully identify leaks and fluid flow

Renegade Leak Detection Services identifies leaks and fluid flow direction in annulus, casing or tubulars without the need to deploy mechanical devices such as spinner tools downhole. 

Renegade’s experience with our proven tracer technologies for frac operations, and injection profiles mean we can devise the right combination of tools, RA material and expertise for any leak detection operation.  

Leaks present in any pipe string that you can pump into can be tested with this same process utilized by our proven injection profile service. Compliance is often required by state regulations on disposal wells to ensure all injected fluid is leaving the well in the permitted zones and is not channeling up to higher intervals. Trial runs before pumping cement can also be performed to ensure abandonment procedures are met and cement locations are approved by state authorities.

Injection Profiles are run to find and measure out-of-zone losses, monitor fluid dispersion and provide a comprehensive picture of the overall downhole activity. This service can identify leaks, including packer leaks and holes in tubing where there are no perforations. Renegade’s injection profiles provide the confidence to efficiently tackle problem-well situations that can commonly cost much more and take longer to complete.  read more 

Radioactive Tracer Log uses RA tracer material to detect channels or leaks that can indicate the precise location and rate of fluid loss.  

Temperature Log Temperature variations indicate fluid loss to help identify channels and prove fluid entry points.  

Gamma Ray and CCL Logs are used in both open hole and casing to correlate job to the proper depth, provide depth control for future jobs, identify natural radioactivity in the formation and identify collars, packers and casing shoes.  

With our industry-leading technology and extensive knowledge base, Renegade provides well integrity quantifications as well as production economics in real time.
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  • P&A Operations 
  • Disposal Wells 
  • Production Wells 
  • Injection Wells 
  • Drilling Rigs 
  • Workover Rigs 
  • Collar Leak Identification 
  • Determine source of loss circulation 
  • Identify leaks on frac jobs that prevent perforating guns to be pumped through the lateral  

Solve Any Leak Proven Tracer Technology 

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