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Pump Down Perforating

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While pump-down plug-and-perf operations are just one part of the overall completion process, it is critical that it is executed with precision and safety and without creating the need for additional remedial work. Renegade has plug-and-perf specialists in every region of the U.S. equipped with specific local knowledge on equipment, the formation and any special needs the customer may have. Our goal is 100% operational efficiency.  

  • Equipment is meticulously inspected and maintained 
  • Comprehensive analytics before, during and after each job
  • Real-time job monitoring so our customers can see each step of every job 
  • Fast response 
  • Exceptional customer service

Renegade pump-down perforating operations employ a full suite of support services that result in successful, efficient plug-and-perf operations.  

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Addressable Release Tool (ART) The ART-H tool is used in horizontal and highly deviated wells when the controllable release of all or part of a stuck toolstring is required.  

Downhole Release Tool While today’s long laterals provide greater lengths of coverage for accessing the formation, they can present challenges in tool configuration. One is that the logging tool or perforating gun string does not contain a built in weak-point due to the longer lateral lengths. In the situation where the tool becomes stuck and must be released from wireline to start fishing operations a downhole release tool must be used. 

Greaseless Line Renegade greaseless line has been used successfully on thousands of runs to provide a grease-free, environmentally-friendly conveyance method. Renegade was one of the first to introduce greaseless line in 2014 and brings years of expertise to every job.  

The Insulation Displacement Contact Tool (IDC) is designed to limit or control the movement of a tool string within the wellbore. This may be required to prevent a logging tool being pushed uphole, along the wellbore by fluid flow, or to hold a tool in place on an incline. 

Downhole Tension Device The head tension tool from Renegade offers a real-time view of downhole tool string activity. The tool provides accurate insight into pump down operations and offers a real-time advantage over weight indicators. 

Engineered Wellbore Modeling allows pump-down job design to minimize risk and improve efficiency and performance. Pre-job planning of details such as tool sizes, pump-down rates and BHA design will help optimize job design and performance.     

Keep Your Pump Operating Efficiently and Safely

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