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Well Integrity and Evaluation

Renegade has a full range of services, systems and equipment that can evaluate the integrity of both cement and casing, evaluate and characterize the formation, provide downhole visualization, check well construction integrity on injection wells and evaluate fluid production rate and flow in producing wells. All of these systems have the goal of maintaining production while helping ensure safe wellsite operations.  

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Cement Integrity and Evaluation

Along with casing, cement is the backbone of the wellbore. A good cement job protects the formation and the water table, prevents leakage from the wellbore into the formation and provides the structure that supports the completions hardware. Renegade provides services that monitor the health of the cement and cement bond to both formation and pipe. 

Casing Integrity and Evaluation

Over the life of the well, harsh downhole environments, high temperatures and pressure, constant fluid flow and corrosive gas such as H2S can cause casing abnormalities that can ultimately lead to failure if not detected and repaired. Renegade casing integrity and evaluation services can identify casing problems and help maintain casing life.   

Pulse Neutron RASP

The Renegade Reservoir Analysis Sonde Prospector (RASP™) pulse neutron tool helps characterize the formation and provide information the operator needs to make timely decisions on well performance and well planning.  

NuWave Insight Camera

When downhole problems occur, solutions are recommended based on the data at hand. Renegade is taking the guesswork out of this process by adding one more piece of critical data. The NuWAV™ Downhole InSight™ camera provides quality, high-resolution video of the borehole environment, identifying problems such as a stuck object, a split within the casing, deviation and other features visible from inside the wellbore.   

IPL Injection Profile Logging 

As a field matures the need for injection profile data on injection wells increases. Running injection profiles eliminates assumptions of fluid direction providing an overall view of well performance and integrity, allowing operators to map their water or CO2 flood. Renegade Injection Profile Logging (IPL) checks the integrity of overall well construction on injection wells and helps provide a comprehensive picture of the overall downhole activity on an injector.  

Production Logging Services

Production Logging services evaluate fluid production rate and flow in producing wells and are a main indicator of well performance and problem identification. The results of a production logging services help recommend remedial treatment or workover operations.  

Formation Evaluation

The more information you know about the surrounding formation, the better prepared you are for critical well decisions. The Renegade suite of formation evaluation tools provides data that helps plan drilling, completion and production operations.  

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