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Environmental Technology 

Renegade has a full line of safe, sustainable energy solutions that help protect the environment, provide safe wellsite operations, ensure full compliance with regulatory and environmental standards and are a key part of ESG strategy.   

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Local Expander 

For decades, operators and service companies have attempted to minimize problems impacting aging oil and gas wells. Over time, micro-annulus can form in the cement/casing bond of the wellbore, creating potential flow paths to the surface and compromising wellbore integrity. This has long plagued oil and gas wells, especially in abandoned wells where methane leaks are common and present an environmental risk. Now Renegade offers a proven solution.

Leak Detection 

Renegade Leak Detection Services identifies leaks and fluid flow direction in casing or tubulars without the need to deploy mechanical devices such as spinner tools downhole. Renegade’s experience with our proven tracer technologies for frac operations, and injection profiles mean we can devise the right combination of tools, RA material and expertise for any leak detection operation.  

Renegade Tracer Technologies

A successful well completion is a critical part of your well’s production plan. Renegade Tracer Technologies monitor the frac job to optimally place proppant and fluid and verify job performance.  

Full Electric Drive Wireline Truck 

Today, companies are being challenged to evaluate their environmental footprint as part of a long-term ESG strategy. One example recently occurred when Renegade Wireline Services and Benchmark Wireline Products teamed up to convert an existing Renegade Bulldog unit into an electric unit.  

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