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» The Cement Bond Integrity and Evaluation tool helps report on the overall health of the cement.
» The Cement Bond Integrity and Evaluation tool helps report on the overall health of the cement.

Cement Bond Integrity and Evaluation 

The Renegade Difference 

Along with casing, cement is the backbone of the wellbore. A good cement job protects the formation and the water table, prevents leakage from the wellbore into the formation and provides the structure that supports the completions hardware. It is one of the most critical components of a producing well.  

Renegade provides services that monitor the health of the cement and cement bond to both formation and pipe. Our tools identify problems that could ultimately affect well integrity. If problems are found, we can recommend and carry out immediate remediation services that can prevent greater failures if not addressed.  

  • Unmatched data quality with over hundreds of data points per foot, even at logging speeds over 100 ft per minute. 
  • Shorter tool lengths reduce the risk of damage to the wellbore or the environment.
  • Provides cement evaluation, casing wear and casing thickness information, corrosion imaging and fluid properties in the wellbore. 
  • Identifies micro-annulus to shut off service casing vent flow. 
  • Can log environments up to 350°F and 20,000 psi. 
  • Tools can be combined to run in stack configurations (cement bond, gamma ray, CCL, caliper, magnetic thickness) for greater time savings on workover and drilling rigs.

Radial Cement Bond Log

The radial cement bond tool utilizes a single ceramic transmitter, an eight-segment receiver at 3-ft spacing and a single receiver at 5-ft spacing to accurately measure the quality of the cement job in a cased hole well environment. The segmented receiver provides a good indication of cement channeling behind the casing.

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Cement Bond Tool

This dual-receiver cement bond quality tool can operate in the most demanding conditions to produce highly accurate cement integrity data. The small physical size of the tool promotes industry leading data quality with virtually no signal attenuation even if casing centralization is poor.

Extend the Life of Your Well

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