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Renegade: The pioneers of RigLock®, the original hands-free, remote hydraulic wellhead latch assembly (HWLA)

Remove the person from the risk

Renegade Services continues to innovate and implement new levels of wellsite efficiency and safety with the RigLock remote hydraulic wellhead latch assembly. Developed in conjunction with FHS, RigLock removes wellsite personnel from dangerous situations handling heavy, cumbersome equipment at heights near high-pressure lines.

Riglock is a hydraulically-controlled, remote operation device that can connect the lubricator to the well with the flip of a switch. It allows you to remotely connect and disconnect the wireline lubricator. RigLock uses hydraulically operated dogs that lock the lubricator in place and a lockdown ring that mechanically holds the dogs in place. The position of the lockdown ring can be seen from anywhere on location. It also uses a built-in funnel to make it very simple for a crane operator to make a connection.

RigLock utilizes a tapered wedge/spring design and a hydraulically actuated lock ring resulting in industry-leading standards of safety and remote wellsite management sophistication not available with current systems. Crews work from a safe distance, away from the red zone, with but with clear visibility of connection or disconnection operations.

Previously frac operations required the nightcap to be removed manually from the frac tree to stab the wireline lubricator onto the well. This involved a person working on a lift, manually performing the operations. This was done in an exclusion zone, directly underneath a suspended load with hands on the equipment being lifted. RigLock removes the person from the risk.


  • Extractor feature can pull and insert the nightcap remotely.
  • Decreases time it takes to stab onto the well from 25 minutes to only eight minutes.
  • During zipper fracs, wireline operations can proceed from one to well to another while pumping operations continue uninterrupted.
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»RigLock components are easily transported and set up.

RigLock Operational Features

  • Hydraulic ball drop
  • Positive latch safety light indicator
  • Nightcap extractor

RigLock Control Unit

At the center of the RigLock system is a simple and safe control unit. The well pressure monitoring system quickly and accurately display operating pressure and includes built-in unintentional unlock prevention. A digital, operator-designed touchscreen with cellular connectivity puts the RigLock control unit at the forefront of wellsite safety and efficiency.

Remote, quick connection with simple operations

RigLock remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead in high-pressure operations. It increases well operation efficiencies and eliminates the risk of potential and costly injuries. With an innovative design, RigLock has simple mechanisms to close-in well pressure especially under conditions presented by high-pressure formations.

Engineered for extreme conditions

RigLock conquers the challenging environments of high-pressure with three levels of safety. Well intervention teams, responsible for high-pressure operations, will benefit from increased productivity while improving safety on location. The engineered construction is composed of a limited number of moving parts which reduces maintenance time and improves operations while also increasing usability. With RigLock, the adapter or nightcap initiates the connection. The hydraulically actuated lock ring lowers to complete it.

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» The RigLock control unit provides simple and safe operation.


RigLock Features

  • Designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure wells
  • Three levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and operations
  • Four tapered wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night-cap is received into the RigLock
  • The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the tapered wedges completing the connection
  • The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures crane operators can properly place equipment
  • By working remotely, technicians can lock and unlock the RigLock from a safe distance eliminating the possibility of injury

RigLock Control Unit Features

  • Advanced sensors with light indicators ensure proper closure to prevent operators from applying pressure prematurely
  • The powerful, lightweight VMAC hydraulic driven air compressor generates 140 psi and produces 30 CFM
  • Powered by a Tier 4 Final diesel engine that runs clean and quiet

RigLock® is Ready for You

Let’s start the conversation about how the RigLock wellhead latch and ball drop system and Renegade can work for you. 


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