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Wellsite Automation 

Our line of oilfield equipment and services utilizes innovative technology and proven hardware to create a safer, more efficient wellsite.  

  • Increased levels of safety by removing personnel from high-pressure and danger zones 
  • Increased levels of job efficiency 
  • Full remote control of many job operations 
  • Real time job monitoring  
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RigLock is a hydraulically controlled, remote operation device that allows connection and disconnection of the wireline lubricator from the well. RigLock uses hydraulically operated dogs that lock the lubricator in place and a lockdown ring that mechanically holds the dogs in place. The position of the lockdown ring can be seen from anywhere on location. It also uses a built-in funnel to make it very simple for a crane operator to make a connection.  

Gunhandler™ Laydown Assist Tool 

The Gunhandler Laydown Assist Tool allows rig site crews to efficiently and safely lower, raise and position logging tools at the wellhead. A hydraulically actuated lift bunk ranges from horizontal to 80° and eliminates the need for manual dolly laydowns. Taking the operator out of the line of fire removes many of the risk variables associated with near-wellhead operations. The six-pad landing gear not only provides a stable footing for anchored operation but also creates a clearly defined “no-go” zone when lifting or laying down the toolstring 

Real Time Job Monitoring 

The Renegade real-time job data platform keeps you connected to wellsite operations regardless of time or location. From approving shot-sheets to checking maintenance records to implementing last minute changes, you now have the confidence to make both routine and critical decisions 24/7 whether you are at the wellsite, the office or home.   

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