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Renegade can manage your pressure control equipment for streamlined logistics

Maintaining the correct pressure is critical when completing a well. You need the right equipment to make the entire system succeed, from lubricator assembly to the grease head. Pumping large volumes of fluid at high pressure can pose a risk if not done correctly. Properly maintained equipment run by qualified personnel is Renegade Services key to successful wellsite operations. 

Oil well blowouts are easily the most catastrophic incident that can occur on a rig site. A blowout causes significant damage to the environment, the rig and significantly increases the risk of injury or even death to workers. Blowouts also cause lost production time and negatively impact the operators bottom line. Proper pressure control within the system is more than just a good practice; it’s an essential part of managing potential hazards. 

Proper pressure control measures result in safe working conditions on location. Most companies hire third-party operators to manage this process. However, when more outside contractors are brought in, the process becomes less efficient, and the risk of mishandling pressure control equipment increases. Renegade Services provides its own highly trained staff to run pressure control equipment during completions operations. This combination reduces risk, protects the well and offers significant peace of mind. 

15K Grease Injector 12501-15000 PSI
12.5K Grease Injector  10001-12500 PSI
10K Grease Injector  5001-10000 PSI
5K Grease Injector  0-5000 PSI
15K PSI Lubricator
12.5K PSI Lubricator
10K PSI Lubricator
5K PSI Lubricator
Dual Pack Off Or Grease Head
Pack Off
10K Hydraulic Dual BOP Flange
10K Hydraulic Quad BOP Flange
Manual 5K Wireline BOP
Hydraulic Stuffing Box
Pump In Tee
Tool Trap
» Renegade offers a wide range of pressure control equipment for every type of job.

Renegade uses the RigLock® wellhead latch assembly to remotely attach and detach the nightcap and wireline lubricator to maintain safe operations on the frac pad. Since there are no personnel in the red zone when using RigLock, frac operations run smoother and quicker resulting in shorter completion times. Using the RigLock wellhead latch assembly for wireline operations results in record-breaking frac pad production and significantly decreases the risk to wellsite workers. 

Renegade manages all the wellsite pressure control needs, from Crane Rigging to running guns and handling PCE. We understand that every well is different and will choose the right equipment for each job, for both functionality and safety. No third parties are needed, and all our equipment is made in the U.S. 

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