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Tracer services for multi-well and multi-stage unconventional and conventional stimulation and EOR project management

A successful completion is a critical part of your well’s production plan. Renegade offers a full suite of completion diagnostic evaluation and tracer solutions that provide quantitative and qualitative data analytics. The accumulated data is used to evaluate completion, reservoir, and EOR (enhanced oil recovery) scenarios to increase well production and reduce operating cost. Established in 2010, our goal is to provide a competitive economic and regional tracer service option for oil and gas operators across all U.S. basins.

Renegade diagnostic technologies provides tracer injection options for a broad spectrum of applications including multi-well and multi-stage unconventional and conventional stimulation and EOR project management. Our wellsite technicians continually monitor injection for optimal QA/QC tracer placement, proppant, fluid, and job performance.

  • Monitor and diagnose horizontal well stimulations
  • Evaluate stimulation job effectiveness
  • Improve hydraulic fracturing results
  • Help evaluate acid diversion
  • Determine fracture orientation and fracture width
  • Analyze horizontal completions
  • Trace SWD
  • Waterflood applications
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Renegade Tracer Technologies utilizes a zero-wash isotope to prevent any material plating off during the fracturing process.

SWAT Spectral Well Analysis Technology is Renegade’s line of post-frac logging tools used to identify and define radioactive isotopes. These tools offer real-time or memory data in a 1-11/16-in. OD tool configuration.

RWT Renegade Water Tracer Technology is a composite line of benzoic salts. These singular-phase water tracers are utilized for a large variety of applications in completions, reservoir characterization and EOR diagnostics.

ROT Renegade Oil Tracer Technology is a composite line of hydrophobic tracers that are water phobic and preferential to organic material. The tracers disperse from the water phase into hydrocarbon phase upon introduction to the reservoir.

As part of an overall tracer program, Renegade offers:

Tracer calibration testing RWT and ROT tracers are calibrated through controlled interval testing and in various formations.

Sampling collection and coordination Renegade provides in-house sampling coordination as part of our standard service, avoiding any complications with shipping and receiving.

Real-Time job monitoring Enhanced report with high-resolution 3D viewing and job summary analytics.

Reports delivered in multiple formats for integration with other operator programs.

Renegade Services can Provide Any Tracing Application Your Company Requires

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