Gunhandler – Lay Down Machine

  This highly efficient machine—fast becoming indispensable during wireline runs—increases productivity on-site and significantly decreases risk variables associated with operations. Not only is the strain on equipment alleviated but the operators are no longer...

Automated Frac Equipment™

    CALL FOR LIVE DEMO 281-603-9720 CURRENT WELL SITE CONFIGURATION AFE WELL SITE CONFIGURATION Find previously un-achievable efficiency in shale plays with automated fraC equipment™. Automate STAGING while DECREASING FRAC IRON BY 85%, reducing operators and...


With 81 units (as of July 2019) passing through the hands of their trained operators, Renegade Services, the largest independently owned wireline company in the USA and the leading service company for RigLock®, has seen the groundbreaking impact of this true innovation first hand and is currently running them for their own major competitors.

Pressure Control

Pressure plays a crucial role in completing a well. You need the right equipment to make the entire system succeed, from lubricator assembly to the grease head.

Crane Services

Wireline operations depend on having a well-trained and organized crew. A qualified crane operator plays a crucial role in a successful wireline crew.