Gunhandler – Lay Down Machine


Laydown – Lift Assist Tool


This highly efficient tool—fast becoming indispensable during wireline runs—increases productivity on-site and significantly decreases risk variables associated with operations. Not only is the strain on equipment alleviated but the equipment operators are no longer positioned under a suspended load. Gunhandler is actively being used on pads across the U.S. where crews have reported “feeling crippled when trying to operate without it.”


Laydown – Lift Assist Tool







Regardless of the amount of safety training, there is still an element of risk during wellsite operations. Reduction in operator fatigue from the use of the Gunhandler™ is pivotal in creating a shop-caliber environment in the field. More focus is put back into service quality rather than heavy lifting. This higher service quality can lead to fewer gun-misfires, less stress on tools, unexpected modes of failure and longer tool life.

  • No more manual dolly laydowns/manual lifts
  • No more personnel under suspended loads
  • Clearly defined “no-go” zone
  • Safer, less strenuous gun building zone
  • Backup, two-position butt-stock, ratcheting lock feature
  • No damage to the cabling at the rope sockets
  • Picking up the tool string from vertical positions eliminates all almost flex stress on the tool
  • Compact design keeps areas near the wellhead clear – and allows more room to work
  • One-person rig-up/down


The Gunhandler was designed with the equipment operator in mind. The hydraulically actuated lift bunk ranges from horizontal to 80º and eliminates the need for manual dolly laydowns. Taking the operator out of the line of fire removes many of the risk variables associated with near-wellhead operations. The six-pad landing gear not only provides a stable footing for anchored operation but also creates a clearly defined “no-go” zone when lifting or laying down the toolstring. During Gunhandler operation, the two-position butt stock has a ratcheting lock feature for piece-of-mind, so tools remain secured and is spring-retained in the event that an operator forgets to ratchet it down before use.

  • The waist high working surface gives the wireline ground crew a more comfortable and ergonomic working environment.
  • Wing legs open at 45° and span a width of 18 ft providing near limitless adjust-ability, a no-go barrier and secure stabilization.
  • Compact footprint at only 6 ft wide provides the most efficient use of the allotted square footage for the wireline working area.
  • Fully extended to the 80˚ maximum lift, the equipment will stand 23 ft vertical height.
  • Gunhandler takes only one crew member to setup, operate and prepare for travel.
  • Jack-legs are rated to 8,000 lb and have an 18 in. travel

Increases in the number of stages completed per day can put added strain on operators and increase the risk for potential fatigue-related incidents. The increased frequency of rebuilding of guns is similar to the high volume of repair at the shop level. Gunhandler has an overall height of 42 in. and provides an ideal working height for the operator. Renegade is bridging the gap to assist our field operators by providing shop-like conditions at the wellsite.

Increased Efficiency

The compact design of the Gunhandler keeps areas near the wellhead clear and allows operators more room to work. Virtually no added room is needed to place Gunhandler into the work zone, yet it provides the functional capability of 23 ft of vertical support to the tool string. With an overall width of 6 ft, it has advantages over many other industry solutions and allows workers to easily reach tools without strain during a rebuild.

One-person rig-up/down makes the Gunhandler one of the simplest pieces of equipment to setup, run or transport. Variable speed control allows the operator to adjust the rate of the crane operation for maximum precision.

Reduction in operator fatigue is pivotal in creating a shop-caliber environment in the field. More focus is put back into service quality rather than heavy lifting. This higher service quality can lead to fewer gun-misfires, fewer unexpected modes of failure, and longer tool life.


Minimizing risk while driving operational efficiencies is something every operator strives for. Renegade is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions that enhance oilfield safety and efficiency. Call Renegade today to see how Gunhandler can add value to your wireline operations.

OPERATORS "feel handicap without it"


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Renegade Service: The pioneers of RigLock®, the original hands-free, remote hydraulic wellhead latch assembly

Remove the person from the risk.

Renegade Services continues to innovate and implement new levers of wellsite efficiency and safety with the RigLock remote hydraulic wellhead latch assembly. Developed in conjunction with FHS, RigLock removes wellsite personnel from dangerous situations handling heavy, cumbersome equipment at heights near high-pressure lines.

Riglock is a hydraulically-controlled, remote operation device that can connect the lubricator to the well with the flip of a switch. It allows you to remotely connect and disconnect the wireline lubricator. RigLock uses hydraulically operated dogs that lock the lubricator in place and a lockdown ring that mechanically holds the dogs in place. The position of the lockdown ring can be seen from anywhere on location. It also uses a built-in funnel to make it very simple for a crane operator to make a connection.

RigLock utilizes a tapered wedge/spring design and a hydraulically actuated lock ring resulting in industry-leading standards of safety and remote wellsite management sophistication not available with current systems. Crews work from a safe distance, away from the red zone, with but with clear visibility of connection or disconnection operations.

Previously frac operations required the nightcap to be removed manually from the frac tree to stab the wireline lubricator onto the well. This involved a person working on a lift, manually performing the operations. This was done in an exclusion zone, directly underneath a suspended load with hands on the equipment being lifted. RigLock removes the person from the risk.

  • Extractor feature can pull and insert the nightcap remotely.
  • Decreases time it takes to stab onto the well from 25 minutes to only eight minutes.
  • During zipper fracs, wireline operations can proceed from one to well to another while pumping operations continue uninterrupted.
  • Optimized RigLock now an integral part of oilfield operations.


At the center of the RigLock system is a simple and safe control unit. The well pressure monitoring system quickly and accurately display operating pressure and includes built-in unintentional unlock prevention.  A digital, operator-designed touchscreen with cellular connectivity puts the RigLock control unit at the forefront of wellsite safety and efficiency. 

RigLock® Control Unit Features
Well Pressure Monitoring System System Power/Pressure Console Safety Lockouts Solar Panel for On Board Power Storage Retractable Hose Reels Perkins Diesel-Hydraulic Power Unit with Air Compressor

Well Pressure Monitoring System

System Power/Pressure Console

Safety Lockouts

Solar Panel for On Board Power Storage

Retractable Hose Reels

Perkins Diesel-Hydraulic Power Unit with Air Compressor

Key Features of RigLock®
Nightcap Oversized highly visible entry guide. Mechanical Locking Ring secures the cams. Cam locks secures equipment connection. Manifold to test integrity of connection. Accessible Hydraulic Hook-ups. Integrated 2 inch 1502 pump-in sub. Flange connection to the wellhead.


Contains pressure and keeps foreign material out of the frac tree between stages.

Oversized highly visible entry guide.

This allows the crane operator to quickly spot the sub going into RigLock® from distances of over hundred feet, ensuring proper equipment placement. RigLock® speeds up all well work with quickly connecting and disconnecting.

Mechanical Locking Ring secures the cams.

The locking ring goes over top the cams giving us a secondary lock and thus ensuring the integrity of the connection even during possible loss of hydraulic power.

Cam locks secures equipment connection.

The patented design uses a series of 6 cams to both seat the sub, secure a good connection, and to allow the locking ring to come over the top of it, thus sealing RigLock® to the wellhead.

Manifold to test integrity of connection.

The quick test sub portion of the RigLock® body enables you to test the connection from the control unit on the ground before well pressure is introduced to RigLock®.

Accessible Hydraulic Hook-ups.

Hydraulic quickly connects to RigLock® so that we can quickly make the connections to function the cams the locking rings and the quick test sub. Remote hydraulic actuation keeps technicians away from possible collision or crushing injuries.

Integrated 2 inch 1502 pump-in sub.

This allows for equalization and to pump into the lubricator from below RigLock®.

Flange connection to the wellhead.

These flanges come in different orientations and sizes so that you can easily install RigLock® on any well head.

The Future of RigLock® Innovation

RigLock® changed the oil and gas industry significantly, much like the combustion engine changed the industry of transportation. As we continue to deploy more systems every month, we continue to pioneer new products to expand its efficiency and safety.

Today there are several enhancements to the RigLock® that were not available when the product initially launched. These enhancements to the product make it both safer and more efficient.

Eventually, we believe we will see this package on every well head around the world. We anticipate the RigLock® will fundamentally transform the way completions activities are done on oil or gas well sites.


“We greatly value our relationship with Renegade Services. They provide a quality experience to their customer with a unique and innovative approach.”

—Nick Snoke

Engineered for the Extreme Conditions of High-Pressure Operations

The RigLock® 15K conquers the challenging environments of high-pressure well operations with 3 levels of safety. Well intervention teams, responsible for high-pressure operations, will benefit from increased productivity while improving safety on location. The engineered construction is composed of a limited number of moving parts which reduces maintenance time and improves operations while also increasing usability. With the RigLock® 15K, the adapter or night-cap initiates the connection. The hydraulically actuated lock ring lowers to complete it.

RigLock® 15K Features:

The RigLock® 15K remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead for high-pressure wells.

  • Designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure well operations.
  • 3 levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and business relations.
  • Four tapered wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night-cap is received into the RigLock.
  • The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the tapered wedges completing the connection.
  • The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures crane operators can properly place equipment.
  • By working remotely, technicians lock and unlock the RigLock® from a safe distance eliminating the possibility of injury.

RigLock® 15K Control Unit Features:

  • Advanced sensors with light indicators ensure proper closure to prevent operators from applying pressure prematurely.
  • The powerful, lightweight VMAC hydraulic driven air compressor generates 140 PSI and produces 30 CFM.
  • Powered by a Tier 4 Final diesel engine that runs clean and quiet.

A RigLock® is Ready for You

Let’s start the conversation about how the RigLock wellhead latch and ball drop system and Renegade can work for you.


Pressure plays a crucial role in completing a well. You need the right equipment to make the entire system succeed, from lubricator assembly to the grease head. Pumping large volumes of fluid at high pressure always possesses the risk for loss of well control. Having properly maintained equipment run by competent operators is Renegade Services recipe for success.

Oil well blowouts are easily the most catastrophic incident that can occur on a rig site. A blowout causes significant damage to the environment, creates a loss of resources, and significantly increases the risk of injury or even death to rig workers. Blowouts also cause lost production time and a major negative financial impact. Therefore, proper control of the amount of pressure within the system is more than just an excellent idea; it’s an essential part of managing potential hazards.

Proper control measures maintain safe working conditions on location. The tool string is placed inside of the lubricator and is then attached to the well. When secured, and the proper seal is verified, the valve leading into the well is opened. Thus allowing thousands of pounds of pressure to enter the lubricator. When done correctly, it will enable the pressure to move into the lubricator and around the tool string without releasing it into the atmosphere.

Most companies hire third-party operators to manage this process. The more outside contractors that have to be brought in, the less efficient the process becomes and the more risk the company faces. Renegade Services provides its own highly trained staff to run PCE on its completions projects. This offers significant peace of mind that you’re both reducing risk and protecting valuable resources.

Renegade uses the RigLock® system in completion projects to attach and detach the nightcap and wireline lubricator remotely to maintain exceptional safety practices on the frac pad. Since there’s no technician needed in the red zone when using RigLock®, frac operations can continue interruption free speeding well completion time resulting in increased well profits. Using the RigLock® revolutionary technology for wireline operations resulted in record-breaking frac pad production and significantly decreases workers’ safety risk.

Renegade also provides PCE recertification service through our iron recertification district. Services that we provide to our customers include visual thickness, hydrostatic and magnetic particle testing. We complete annual inspections of the equipment that we use on location. Up to date records and proof of certification are essential requirements that must be met to comply with most of our customer’s expectations.

Renegade understands that every well is different and chooses the best equipment for functionality and safety, which prevents dangerous and costly loss of well control. Renegade manages it all for you, from crane rigging to running guns and handling PCE. No third parties needed and all our equipment is made in the USA.

» Integrated crane and wireline services on a zipper pad in the Permian Basin.



Successful wireline operations depend on many variables, but foremost is a well-trained and organized crew and the right equipment. Moving and lifting equipment while rigging up and rigging down is a critical part of wellsite operations and one of the most demanding. Bringing in a third-party operator to handle this operation can lead to miscommunication, mistakes and even possible injury. Plus, the added burden of paperwork and project managing the vendor can quickly add costs to the operation. 

Renegade Wireline Services provide a full range of cranes for wellsite support. Along with this comes the knowledge, experience and safety methods that only thoroughly trained personnel can provide.  

Permian Basin 30-55 TON  
Northeast 50-110 TON  
Gulf 40-50 TON  
Rockies 30-50 TON  


Renegade crane equipment and personnel directly support wireline operations by suspending the lubricator assembly and BHA over the well. The operator is responsible for rigging up the frac iron before the job starts and again when it is finished. This equipment is also used to hoist or move heavy equipment, as well as picking up gear such as coil tubing injector heads. Larger well pads require cranes with a longer reach, so larger capacity cranes are used in these circumstances.  

While the lifting capacity of cranes can vary, the correct size is selected based on how heavy the equipment is and how far away it must be handled. Most cranes operated by Renegade have 50-ton and 110-ton capacity and a variety of operating ranges.    

Bringing in a third-party crew can be both expensive and less efficient. Crew members who work together daily can anticipate challenges that arise during completion operations and remedy them with the best solution. The primary advantage of Renegade Services providing wellsite crane operations is one integrated team at the wellsite familiar with and sharing common best practices, lessons learned, and safety procedures.

Why risk your operation to anyone else?

» 110 ton crane operating on a coil-tubing project in the Northeast US.

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