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» Renegade log profile provides an in-depth look at the casing and identifies problems that can lead to casing failure if not addressed.

Casing Integrity and Evaluation

Keep your casing, cement and wellbore in optimum condition.

Over the life of the well, harsh downhole environments, high temperatures and pressure, constant fluid flow and corrosive gas such as H2S can cause casing abnormalities that can ultimately lead to failure if not detected and repaired. Renegade casing integrity and evaluation services can identify casing problems and help maintain casing life.   

Multiple tools for any application  

  • 24-, 40-, 56- and 60-arm calipers 
  • 1-11/16- to 4-inch-OD tools that can log up to 20-inch casing  
  • Bond, gamma, metal thickness and multi-arm caliper tools can be combined in a single run to save time and provide more information on casing integrity.  
  • Three-arm caliper for open hole logging provides measurements to calculate the volume of cement needed for optimum cement job planning. Available in 1-3/8-in. OD. 
» Wide range of tool sizes and arm configurations allow inspection in any hole size.

Multi Sensor Caliper

The Multi Sensor Caliper measures internal diameters with very-high accuracy, typically with less than a 0.03-inch variance. It will detect very small changes in internal surface conditions such as casing deformation, bending, fractures, holes, and inner wall corrosion. The tool can provide highly quantitative analysis including an accurate and detailed internal profile of the tubing, casing and completion assembly.

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Magnetic Thickness Tool

Electro-Magnetic Inspection Tool provides qualitative analysis of external metal-mass variations of the pipe, using proportional wall-thickness as a standard, that cannot be seen internally from multi-arm caliper readings. The resulting casing wall thickness provides operators with a better look at overall casing health. 

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Extend the Life of Your Well

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