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Conveyance Logging Systems 

Renegade offers a full line of efficient systems for wellsite management, well integrity and well evaluation. These include solutions to convey the tool downhole, identify and recover stuck pipe, formation evaluation and downhole visualization  

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Conveyance Solutions

Once a well is producing, certain practices must be performed to maintain production in addition to identifying and correcting problems that can impede production. Selecting the conveyance method to deploy these operations is one example. Renegade offers slickline, braided line, eLine or a combination of these options for any wellsite application.  

Tool and Pipe Recovery

When pipe becomes stuck in the well, operators face delays in drilling, increased NPT and other costs that can affect the bottom line. Renegade provides a full range of services to get your rig up and running quickly and effectively.  

Pulse Neutron RASP

The Renegade Reservoir Analysis Sonde Prospector (RASP™) pulse neutron tool helps characterize the formation and provide information the operator needs to make timely decisions on well performance and well planning.  

NuWave Insight Camera 

When downhole problems occur, solutions are recommended based on the data at hand. Renegade is taking the guesswork out of this process by adding one more piece of critical data. The NuWAV™ Downhole InSight™ camera provides quality, high-resolution video of the borehole environment, identifying problems such as a stuck object, a split within the casing, deviation and other features visible from inside the wellbore.   

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