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Injection Profile Logging (IPL)

Fluid Flow Data From Injection Wells Provide Insight on Overall Well Construction Integrity

As a field matures the need for injection profile data from injection wells increases. Running injection profiles eliminates assumptions of fluid direction providing an overall view of well performance and integrity, allowing operators to map their water or CO2 flood.  

Renegade Injection Profile Logging (IPL) checks the integrity of overall well construction on injection wells. Profiles are run to determine the health of injector units, monitor fluid dispersion, find and measure out-of-zone losses and provide a comprehensive picture of the overall downhole activity on an injector. This service can identify leaks out of the zones’ injection area, including packer leaks and holes in tubing where there are no perforations.

The shut-in portion of the injection profile log can provide customers insight into areas of fluid storage and communications between high- and low-pressure zones. Renegade’s injection profiles provide the confidence to efficiently tackle problem-well situations that can commonly cost much more and take longer to complete. Services are typically run every four years for water wells and two years for CO2 wells. 

IPL has two advantages over traditional mechanical services such as spinner tools. First, it can observe fluid movement behind pipe; second, they eliminate the risk of blades sticking if wellbore debris is encountered. In some instances, RA tracers may be the only way to identify and locate problem areas in the well. Renegade utilizes innovative equipment and tools and has an in-house RA lab to mix RA material for specific volume and job needs.  

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» Cross-flow checks show zones of high or low pressure by annotating fluid cross flow velocity and fluid movement.
Radioactive Tracer Log

Uses RA tracer material to detect channels or leaks that can indicate the precise location and rate of fluid loss.  

Temperature Log

Temperature variations indicate fluid loss to help identify channels and prove fluid entry points.  

Gamma Ray and CCL Log

Used in both open hole and casing to correlate job to the proper depth, provide depth control for future jobs, identify natural radioactivity in the formation and identify collars, packers and casing shoes.  

Benefits of IPL service 
  • Determine where injection fluid is going 
  • Evaluate general flood performance 
  • Identify packer failure 
  • Locate and analyze channeling and cross-flowing fluid 
  • Identify fluid entry 
  • Identify holes in casing/tubing or out-of-zone injection 
  • Determine hole size and amount of scale 
  • Verify conformance to environmental requirements 
  • Determine formation porosity 
  • Compatible with any type of operation: coil tubing, refract, workover, land rig, wireline 

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