Cased-Hole Logging

The Heartbeat of the Well Bore

Renegade Services is a trusted and full-service cased-hole logging service provider. We monitor the vital signs of a well-bore, providing correct and exact information to maximize asset recovery and diagnose down-hole problems that hinder full and profitable production. This data allows us to assess the integrity of the well to the highest degree of accuracy.

Maximize Profitability with the Right People and Tools

With our unsurpassed responsiveness, expertise, industry-leading tools, and knowledge base, we provide well integrity quantifications as well as production economics in real time that our customers can depend on. Our customers hire Renegade time and time again because of our highly equipped and motivated engineers.

Our trained cased-hole logging operators thoroughly interpret and document the data we pull from the logs. This key step ensures a high-quality report so our customers get the most out of their logging data.

We create custom logging plans for each well site to ensure that the full data measurements are gathered from our tools. As conditions on site demand changes to the plan, our team reacts in real time, thus giving our customers the best outcome possible.

Additionally, since we are a full-service wireline service company, our customers have our ongoing support and expertise to correct or relog data as necessary. We don’t just hand over logs and move on to the next job. We are on site through the process to provide the highest level of accurate data measurement and analysis.

» Working on Cased-Hole Logging.
» Radial Cement Bond Log

Ensure the Integrity of Your Well Architecture

Renegade provides data which accurately measures the quality of the cement with the Radial Cement Bond Log.
» FRAC Tracking

Track the Path of a Frac Job

Using the Compensated Neutron, Spectral Gamma Ray (KUT), we provide detailed data to measure the porosity and lithology of the formation.
» Well Casing

Measure the Condition of the Well Casing

Our team accurately measures the integrity of the casing with the Spectral Noise Log (which would also help find a leak in the casing), Casing Inspections, Metal Thickness, and the WIP Log. The Temperature Survey is also useful in this case.
» Stuck Pipe Log

Solve Common Stuck Pipe Issues

When your pipe has multiple bridges, we provide different avenues of evaluation with our freepoint tools and Stuck Pipe Log.

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Kut Tool

Kut tools supply information about the mineralogy of formations. The most frequent sources of natural radiation in the formations are thorium, uranium and potassium; the gamma rays generated by different elements or elementary interactions have different energy levels.

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Magnetic Thickness

The magnetic thickness tool is based on an electromagnetic phenomenon that can be observed by placing coils in a conductive pipe. The measurement is made with a coil arrangement that produces a magnetic field that opposes the primary field casing attenuation and phase shift.

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A casing Inspection survey is further enhanced in a wellbore integrity presentation (WIP), combination casing n/bond log, using a radial bond tool (RBT) to log the cement bond around the casing.

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Injection Profiles

Injection profiles are run to determine the health of injector units, monitor fluid dispersion, find and measure out of zone losses, and provide a comprehensive picture of the overall activity down hole on an injection well.

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Casing Inspections

A casing inspection log is a record of casing thickness and integrity. This log is used to determine whether or not the casing has undergone damage. The casing inspection log identifies and quantifies corrosion damage. It identifies scale, wax, solids accumulation, and location of mechanical damage.

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Radial Cement Bond Log

The radial cement bond tool (CBL) utilizes a single ceramic transmitter, an eight segment receiver at 3ft. spacing and a single receiver at 5ft. spacing to accurately measure the quality of the cement job in a cased hole well environment. The segmented receiver provides a good indication of cement channeling behind the casing.

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Compensated Neutron Log

The dual detector compensated neutron log utilizes an Americium-241/Beryllium (AmBe) chemical source. Dual neutron detectors measure liquid filled porosity. Neutrons are primarily affected by hydrogen in the formation.

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