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Renegade is the largest independently owned wireline company in the United States. Our wireline units can run slickline, eLine or braided line and can be configured to run multiple wellsite applications over the life of the well including formation evaluation, perforating, fishing and production logging. Our experienced crews are trained to run the full range of service, regardless of the conveyance type.  

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Formation Evaluation 

The more information you know about the surrounding formation, the better prepared you are for critical well decisions. The Renegade suite of formation evaluation tools provides data that helps plan drilling, completion and production operations.  


A stuck tool can add days of NPT if not quickly taken care of. When this happens, Renegade is standing by with a full range of tools, equipment and expertise to help devise a plan of action and retrieve the stuck tool.  

Production Logging 

Production Logging services evaluate fluid production rate and flow in producing wells and are a main indicator of well performance and problem identification. The results of a production logging services help recommend remedial treatment or workover operations.   


Renegade has a full range of services, equipment and expertise to establish communication between the formation and the wellbore to get the well flowing and then maintain production throughout the life of the well.  

Conveyance Solutions from Renegade for Every Application

24/7  on-call service from the largest and most diverse independently owned wireline company in the US.


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