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» Rugged design for operation in hostile conditions.

RASP™ Reservoir Analysis Sonde Prospector 

Critical data for insight into the reservoir, the formation and the wellbore

The Renegade Reservoir Analysis Sonde Prospector (RASP™) pulse neutron tool helps characterize the formation and provide information the operator needs to make timely decisions on well performance and well planning.  

  • Three detectors (near, far, and long spacing) 
  • 1-11/16-in. OD 
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant housing 
  • Industry leading performance 
  • Increased operational efficiency 
  • Greater ROI 

RASP is a multi-detector pulsed-neutron system for measuring reservoir saturation using Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen  techniques. The sonde features three gamma detectors; the near and the far detectors are high-resolution Lanthanum Chloride for Sigma and C/O, while the long spacing detector is a Sodium Iodide detector with spacing that is sensitive to gas and porosity.  

The tool can simultaneously measure Sigma and C/O using a mixed firing pattern for the neutron generator. Support is available to map the measurement into reservoir properties such as oil saturation, porosity and rock type.  

The tool is encased in a 1-11/16 in. OD corrosion resistant housing. The neutron generator provides the best performance in the industry, contributing toward increased operational efficiencies and ROI. 

» Information on the RASP presentation log includes CO2 and oil saturation in Track 2, total hydrocarbons and total water in Track 3 and a lithology map in Track 4.


 Reservoir Monitoring 

  • Time Lapse monitoring  
  • CO2 and waterflood zones  
  • Steam flood monitoring (heavy oil/tar sands)  
  • Production and injection changes  
  • Completion quality  
  • Gravel pack quality determination  

Formation Evaluation 

  • Reservoir rock and hydrocarbon typing  
  • Water and hydrocarbon contacts/volume  
  • Salt plugged porosity identification  
  • Open Hole Logging Emulation  
  • Lithology identification using open-hole emulation, silica activation spectroscopy  
  • Formation porosity 
  • Pseudo Density 

Wellbore Performance and Integrity  

  • Water flow detection behind casing  
  • Identifying points of fluid entry  
  • Flow rate calculation for water flow  
  • Interface logging  

Make Informed Decisions about Your Well with RASP™ Pulse Neutron Tool

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