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Slickline and Braided Line Provides the Strength Your Jobs Require

Getting the production process right depends on a lot of factors. The equipment and components used make a huge difference in the cost and timeframe of a project. A successful wellbore operation requires having the best components (down to the smallest details), along with skilled and disciplined operators to implement them.

Slickline Operations

Slickline is a non-conductor, single-strand line used in the production process for many different mechanical services. It is made of mild steel, ranging from 0.072” to greater than 0.125” in diameter. These tools are generally used for plug setting and other mechanical needs, plus running memory gauges. Slickline is a small line that packs a big punch, able to rapidly move in and out of a wellbore. It is extremely effective for use in high-pressure wells because it resists pressure and is very strong. Because it is a single strand, the inevitable grease excretion is considerably lighter as the line moves in and out of the wellhead. Slickline carries the advantage of being a small, single-part line, so it retains pressure very well. You can run smaller tool strings in higher pressure wells. Additionally, it is fast, allowing operators to collect valuable data quickly.

Braided Line Operations

Braided line is a non-conductive twist of multiple steel lines. Braided line is strong, and useful in numerous applications. It is excellent for fishing lost tools and swabbing. Possibly one of the best uses for braided line is in swabbing fluid from a well. Sometimes the hydrostatic pressure overcomes the formation pressure in a well, which can slow down the flow of fluid and overall productivity. The wire is capable of quickly removing the overburden of fluid in the well and help it start flowing freely again. A braided line is a powerful form of multi-purpose steel line that uses its strength to keep your wellhead production operating at peak efficiency. Renegade Wireline Services uses these steel lines because it’s the best for keeping wells strong and producing freely.

Slickline Braided Line

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Step Rate Tests

Obtaining good data is the key to successful wellbore production. Testing step rates are one method for measuring this data, which can be very useful to identify the treatment parameters of the operation.

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Memory Gauges

An operational wellbore produces a tremendous volume of information that must be managed. A variety of diagnostic tools can help you manage your production functions and get a valuable insight into the processes that are occurring below the surface.

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It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that sometimes tools get lost down-hole. Some companies take an unconcerned approach to the issue, merely notifying you that something has gone missing. You’re left on your own to find a way to retrieve the items. We take a more proactive approach.

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