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Case Study:

Analyzing Radioactive Tracer Stimulation Data to Determine Frac STage Performance

To provide well performance data to a Permian Basin operator, Renegade conducted a radioactive tracer analysis on Stages 1 through 6 at depths ranging from 4,850 to 3,450 ft. The results indicated that Stages 1, 3 and 5 achieved 100% perf cluster stimulation. Stage 2 showed only 37.5% perf cluster stimulation while Stage 4 indicated 50% effective perf cluster stimulation.

Data revealed that not all perf clusters or stages yielded the same results, as some perf clusters may not perform as expected. Furthermore, the oil tracer data emphasized that the zones stimulated more effectively resulted in the best production.

Renegade’s line of post-frac logging tools, known as S.W.A.T. Spectral Well Analysis Technology, is designed to detect and characterize radioactive isotopes. These tools are available in a 1-11/16-inch OD configuration, providing both real-time and memory data options.

In conclusion, the radioactive tracer and oil tracer technologies helped the operator make changes to the stimulation design perf cluster placement selection, and interval selection.

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