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Renegade Services TCP guns fired

Renegade Plug & Perf Services: A Better Experience

While pump down plug and perf operation may be only a small part of completions, it is critical that it is executed with precision and without creating the need for remedial work. Renegade has Plug and Perf specialists in every region of the U.S. equipped with specific local knowledge. Our goal is always 100% operational efficiency. Our equipment is meticulously inspected. We run comprehensive analytics before, throughout and after each job. We are known across the country for our fast response times and our over-the-top customer service.

Experience the Renegade difference today.

The Renegade Difference

We have a large truck fleet and always have additional equipment ready to deploy

We have multiple weight indicators, including wireless

We run 100% modular DIGITAL gun systems and intrinsically safe shooting systems.

Service support system – 24 hour on-call experts

Engineered modeling and reporting systems

Technology/service bundling options

Turn-key pricing

Renegade Services Pipe recovery – fracing




SOP information is reviewed with crews by management and made readily available to customers.

Pre-Frac Meeting with Crews

Customer Procedure

Downhole Modeling

Weight Indicator Calibrations by Engineers Completed and Presented to Management – Included in Job Folder

Cable Head Pullouts (Standard Cable) by Engineers Presented to Management – Included in Job Folder

Renegade Procedure – Including Job Specific JSAs

Equipment Inspections by Engineers and Crews

Job Equipment Loadout by Engineers and Crews

Cable Inspections – Internal Cable Book and Third-Party Reporting Made Available on All Trucks

Engineered Modeling System


Operating efficiency shared is with customers.

Weekly Job Summary Reports Shared In-person (ideally) or Digitally

360 Management Audit by Service Manager on Day 1

Utilization of BBS Observation Cards

Job Safety Assessments

Failure reports

  • Replace Detonators Crimpers and Cutter Blades
  • Inspect all Threads of Subs
  • Monthly Inspections
  • Documented Management Explosives Inventory


Extensive Post-Job information is shared with customers.

Job Report

Shot Sheets

Cross-Examined to Job Report

iScout Safety Document Such as BBS< RCA Report on Failures if Necessary

Operating Efficiency Updated for Customer and Company-Wide


Committed to 100% Intrinsically Safe Detonators  In Q4 of 2015 and 2016 when everyone else was switching to a less-safe, EB platform, we stuck with intrinsically safe shooting systems – We do not waiver on detonator quality and safety.

Implementation of Digital platforms and enhanced communication   Aradia/iScout instant notifications and reporting for management and customers. Our customers can define their desired alerts. Training programs for employees.  We’ve implemented regular training calendars for all roles

Extensive pre-job equipment checks facilitate safety and accuracy  Real-time reports are available. Before the job even begins, the Renegade pump-down crew calibrates all equipment.

SSE Mentorship Program  The Supervisors and co-workers must be able to readily identify Short Service Employee participants. Renegade Services assigns experienced employees to oversee the daily activities of those assigned to the SSE program to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses to new hires and temporary workers.

Company-wide AESC Gold Award for Safety  Renegade has received the AESC gold award for safety every year since 2017.

Streamline® Greaseless Line

  • Less friction compared to conventional non greaseless wireline, so longer lateral pump downs, less pick up weight off bottom.
  • Proven – Plug & perf, and pump down line
  • Less grease – no mess [HSE icon]
  • Pulling through rubber VS Pulling through flow tubes
  • No speed restriction


Renegade has adopted the IDC tool which is used strategically on highly deviated wells as a gun breaking system.

Applications include:

  • Highly Deviated Wells
  • Logging
  • Tractor operations
  • High-flow PL
  • Oriented Perforating
  • Gun Braking System

Renegade has Plug and Perf specialists in every region of the U.S.

Call us today for a live presentation and equipment consultation.

Download Plug and Perf Data Sheet

Download Streamline Greasless Data Sheet