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Local Expander ™ Annular Squeeze Tool

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Proven annular zonal isolation using localized casing expansion – Gas migration is no longer a threat to well integrity or economics of developed assets.

Natural departure from a perfect application of any service is inevitable in the oil & gas business. Whether problems exist from the last well on the pad resulting in poor hole cleaning from reused mud, variability in perfectly centralized casing throughout the well, displacement rates that are slightly off, or thermal expansion cycles between cement-casing bond, there is a myriad of factors that can contribute to the start of micro-annuli permanently forming and getting worse during the well lifecycle.

When traditional cement remediation methods have maximized their effectiveness with operational tradeoffs and economic compromises, where do you turn? Until now, there has been no alternative to permanent-fixture casing expansion.

Local expansion is a simple way to stop the unwanted gas flow while correcting unintended annular sections. This one-run tool deployed by a electric-line operator leverages a telescoping cone that expands a radial set of hardened knuckle-bent fingers.

These fingers have a variable displacement distance allowing the flexibility of correcting a gradient of annuli along the wellbore. From small gaps, to areas where both casing and cement require plastic deformation to create a seal and prevent gas flow. Moreover, the exact same process can be quickly repeated at any target interval for engineered redundancy to fully eradicate all micro-annuli and backside gas flow problems with confidence.


The Local Expander™ applies an actual squeeze to the existing cement by expanding the casing internally.

  • Fingers at the top end of the tool are pressed outward by an actuated cone.
  • The fingers expand the casing locally.
  • Due to the pressure of the ring on the cement, a ring shape is pressed into the casing. The pressure ring extends to the micro annulus
  • RESULT: The cement is locally densified, and any gaps or small channels are sealed. 

DENTED 7″ CSG X 9-5/8” CSG.




The tool creates a series of crimps in the casing that eliminate the micro-annulus. By using an electric line and having a one-run tool, the Local Expander has achieved the same results as a conventional squeeze but at a fraction of the cost and effort.



Safety concern for workover operations is also significantly minimized with the implementation of the Local Expander. Crimping casing close to the surface allows crews to work under much safer conditions knowing without having to handle unwanted gas simultaneously.


Wells scheduled to be permanently taken out of service often lack the economic persuasion required to match the level of urgency as the start of the life cycle. For this reason, the annual inventory of wells to plug at the minimal possible expense dictate abandonment practices. Until now, there has not been a service on the market available to ensure pressure buildup won’t become a public problem. The Local Expander is the trusted choice for scheduled P&A because it can affordably conquer a burdensome issue that is commonly overlooked and ignored. With the Local Expander, P&A liability is significantly minimized with certainty in gas migration prevention practices.



Case Study: Backside pressure in Pennsylvania well reduced to zero utilizing Local Expander™ Annular Squeeze Tool

Renegade Local Expander Operator E Well 1 - 5

Case Study: Pennsylvania DEP grants permission for operator to P&A well after expansion service

Local Expander Data resolves Backside pressure in PA


The Local Expander has exceeded expectations in recent field tests with the Shell Canada Production Team, stating after the first two wells with the Local Expander, they reduced SCVF from 500 litres/day to 0.00 litres/day. They are expecting to fully eradicate gas on future wells and have built the Local Expander into their programs as a service they can’t operate without.


The Local Expander is the preferred solution for regulatory departments because it repairs micro annulus without the use of chemicals and perforation. Pennsylvania DEP and Colorado’s Oil & Gas Commission, to name a few, advocate the importance of eliminating this type of issue by finding a means to mitigate stray gas migration from the beginning.


Because there are no permanently deployable tools, products, or chemicals left behind, the Local Expander leads the industry in an alternative service that leaves no trace beyond the intended service. Furthermore, keeping unwanted gases and liquids in the ground instead of permeating to surface on the backside of casing has always been the preferred choice.

Local Expander – Annular Squeeze Tool™

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Pump Down Perforating

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Renegade Services TCP guns fired

Renegade Plug & Perf Services: A Better Experience

While pump down plug and perf operation may be only a small part of completions, it is critical that it is executed with precision and without creating the need for remedial work. Renegade has Plug and Perf specialists in every region of the U.S. equipped with specific local knowledge. Our goal is always 100% operational efficiency. Our equipment is meticulously inspected. We run comprehensive analytics before, throughout and after each job. We are known across the country for our fast response times and our over-the-top customer service.

Experience the Renegade difference today.

The Renegade Difference

We have a large truck fleet and always have additional equipment ready to deploy

We have multiple weight indicators, including wireless

We run 100% modular DIGITAL gun systems and intrinsically safe shooting systems.

Service support system – 24 hour on-call experts

Engineered modeling and reporting systems

Technology/service bundling options

Turn-key pricing

Renegade Services Pipe recovery – fracing




SOP information is reviewed with crews by management and made readily available to customers.

Pre-Frac Meeting with Crews

Customer Procedure

Downhole Modeling

Weight Indicator Calibrations by Engineers Completed and Presented to Management – Included in Job Folder

Cable Head Pullouts (Standard Cable) by Engineers Presented to Management – Included in Job Folder

Renegade Procedure – Including Job Specific JSAs

Equipment Inspections by Engineers and Crews

Job Equipment Loadout by Engineers and Crews

Cable Inspections – Internal Cable Book and Third-Party Reporting Made Available on All Trucks

Engineered Modeling System


Operating efficiency shared is with customers.

Weekly Job Summary Reports Shared In-person (ideally) or Digitally

360 Management Audit by Service Manager on Day 1

Utilization of BBS Observation Cards

Job Safety Assessments

Failure reports

  • Replace Detonators Crimpers and Cutter Blades
  • Inspect all Threads of Subs
  • Monthly Inspections
  • Documented Management Explosives Inventory


Extensive Post-Job information is shared with customers.

Job Report

Shot Sheets

Cross-Examined to Job Report

iScout Safety Document Such as BBS< RCA Report on Failures if Necessary

Operating Efficiency Updated for Customer and Company-Wide


Committed to 100% Intrinsically Safe Detonators  In Q4 of 2015 and 2016 when everyone else was switching to a less-safe, EB platform, we stuck with intrinsically safe shooting systems – We do not waiver on detonator quality and safety.

Implementation of Digital platforms and enhanced communication   Aradia/iScout instant notifications and reporting for management and customers. Our customers can define their desired alerts. Training programs for employees.  We’ve implemented regular training calendars for all roles

Extensive pre-job equipment checks facilitate safety and accuracy  Real-time reports are available. Before the job even begins, the Renegade pump-down crew calibrates all equipment.

SSE Mentorship Program  The Supervisors and co-workers must be able to readily identify Short Service Employee participants. Renegade Services assigns experienced employees to oversee the daily activities of those assigned to the SSE program to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses to new hires and temporary workers.

Company-wide AESC Gold Award for Safety  Renegade has received the AESC gold award for safety every year since 2017.

Streamline® Greaseless Line

  • Less friction compared to conventional non greaseless wireline, so longer lateral pump downs, less pick up weight off bottom.
  • Proven – Plug & perf, and pump down line
  • Less grease – no mess [HSE icon]
  • Pulling through rubber VS Pulling through flow tubes
  • No speed restriction


Renegade has adopted the IDC tool which is used strategically on highly deviated wells as a gun breaking system.

Applications include:

  • Highly Deviated Wells
  • Logging
  • Tractor operations
  • High-flow PL
  • Oriented Perforating
  • Gun Braking System

Renegade has Plug and Perf specialists in every region of the U.S.

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nuWAV camera

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NuWAV™ Downhole InSight™ Camera

Downhole InSight™ Camera: Bringing you real-time footage of what is happening below.

When problems occur, consultants make recommendations based on the data at hand. Renegade is taking the guess-work out of wellbore troubleshooting by adding one more piece of critical data

The Downhole InSight™ NuWAV™ camera provides quality video of conditions downhole, allowing problem identification such as a stuck object, a split within the casing, deviation and anything else that is visible from inside the wellbore. This unique wellbore camera provides real-time imaging by capturing high-resolution video of the borehole environment. This data helps geologists and engineers reduce drilling fluid losses, and make educated decisions about completions methods, retrieval of lost tools, and integrity issues with tubing and casing. The high-resolution NuWAV™ camera helps to mitigate the uncertainty of downhole operations, and supports the operator’s formation evaluation program. Imaging systems from Renegade are a cost-effective and efficient method for gathering detailed downhole data. 

This high-tech, versatile formation evaluation system is designed to gather the maximum amount of borehole imaging data. NuWAV™ is suitable for both conventional and deviated wells.

The imaging systems uses the latest optical sensor and state-of-the-art lens technologies to capture high definition images.


  • Can be deployed over mono-conductor or multi-conductor wireline.
  • Wide field of view unlike a standard image sensor that has a 4:3 or a 16:9 aspect ratio, Renegade uses a sensor with a 1:1 ratio meaning the camera has an impressive 180° FOV in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • High light output by combining an ultra-sensitive image sensor with high-output lighting, NuWAV™ camera can see in the most challenging environments.
  • High-temperature rated to 257°F (125°C)
  • High-resolution high-definition and high-frame rate recording provides customers with a video of superior quality.
  • Light weight for easy transport and shipment.

Case StudIES

CASE STUDY: Downhole InSight™ NuWAV™ Camera identifies collapsed casing, helps customer determine well repair plans.

CASE STUDY: Downhole InSight™ NuWAV™ Camera Uncovers Failed Packer Retrieval


CASE STUDY: Downhole InSight™ NuWav™ Camera identifies obstruction in the well, decreasing critical NPT for the customer.


Let’s start the conversation about how Renegade and NuWAVTM can work for you.

Gunhandler – Lay Down Machine


Laydown – Lift Assist Tool


This highly efficient tool—fast becoming indispensable during wireline runs—increases productivity on-site and significantly decreases risk variables associated with operations. Not only is the strain on equipment alleviated but the equipment operators are no longer positioned under a suspended load. Gunhandler is actively being used on pads across the U.S. where crews have reported “feeling crippled when trying to operate without it.”


Laydown – Lift Assist Tool







Regardless of the amount of safety training, there is still an element of risk during wellsite operations. Reduction in operator fatigue from the use of the Gunhandler™ is pivotal in creating a shop-caliber environment in the field. More focus is put back into service quality rather than heavy lifting. This higher service quality can lead to fewer gun-misfires, less stress on tools, unexpected modes of failure and longer tool life.

  • No more manual dolly laydowns/manual lifts
  • No more personnel under suspended loads
  • Clearly defined “no-go” zone
  • Safer, less strenuous gun building zone
  • Backup, two-position butt-stock, ratcheting lock feature
  • No damage to the cabling at the rope sockets
  • Picking up the tool string from vertical positions eliminates all almost flex stress on the tool
  • Compact design keeps areas near the wellhead clear – and allows more room to work
  • One-person rig-up/down


The Gunhandler was designed with the equipment operator in mind. The hydraulically actuated lift bunk ranges from horizontal to 80º and eliminates the need for manual dolly laydowns. Taking the operator out of the line of fire removes many of the risk variables associated with near-wellhead operations. The six-pad landing gear not only provides a stable footing for anchored operation but also creates a clearly defined “no-go” zone when lifting or laying down the toolstring. During Gunhandler operation, the two-position butt stock has a ratcheting lock feature for piece-of-mind, so tools remain secured and is spring-retained in the event that an operator forgets to ratchet it down before use.

  • The waist high working surface gives the wireline ground crew a more comfortable and ergonomic working environment.
  • Wing legs open at 45° and span a width of 18 ft providing near limitless adjust-ability, a no-go barrier and secure stabilization.
  • Compact footprint at only 6 ft wide provides the most efficient use of the allotted square footage for the wireline working area.
  • Fully extended to the 80˚ maximum lift, the equipment will stand 23 ft vertical height.
  • Gunhandler takes only one crew member to setup, operate and prepare for travel.
  • Jack-legs are rated to 8,000 lb and have an 18 in. travel

Increases in the number of stages completed per day can put added strain on operators and increase the risk for potential fatigue-related incidents. The increased frequency of rebuilding of guns is similar to the high volume of repair at the shop level. Gunhandler has an overall height of 42 in. and provides an ideal working height for the operator. Renegade is bridging the gap to assist our field operators by providing shop-like conditions at the wellsite.

Increased Efficiency

The compact design of the Gunhandler keeps areas near the wellhead clear and allows operators more room to work. Virtually no added room is needed to place Gunhandler into the work zone, yet it provides the functional capability of 23 ft of vertical support to the tool string. With an overall width of 6 ft, it has advantages over many other industry solutions and allows workers to easily reach tools without strain during a rebuild.

One-person rig-up/down makes the Gunhandler one of the simplest pieces of equipment to setup, run or transport. Variable speed control allows the operator to adjust the rate of the crane operation for maximum precision.

Reduction in operator fatigue is pivotal in creating a shop-caliber environment in the field. More focus is put back into service quality rather than heavy lifting. This higher service quality can lead to fewer gun-misfires, fewer unexpected modes of failure, and longer tool life.


Minimizing risk while driving operational efficiencies is something every operator strives for. Renegade is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions that enhance oilfield safety and efficiency. Call Renegade today to see how Gunhandler can add value to your wireline operations.

OPERATORS "feel handicap without it"


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