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Surface Vent FLOW (SVF), Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), and Annular Flow Mitigation

Gas Migration

Statically, majority of surface gas behind casing can be attributed to variability in variable pressure gradients across varying geologic structures in the oilfield. Highly inconsistent surface formations can prove to be quite problematic down the road that even the most advanced slurries constantly fight. If the industry is faced with this indefinite problem, there must be a modern way to solve this after the cement sets?


At Renegade, we have been a part of the service industry for long enough to have witnessed the disconnect between asset integrity and service quality. The transfer of resources from one side of the balance scale to the other does not always equate to pro forma standards.

We are built on the foundation of a service provider operating as if we owned the assets. Knowing that micro-annulus gas migration problems are such a pervasive and expensive problem with potential to break field development apart at the seams, we knew there had to be a more effective way to stop gas influx without having to sacrificing future production.


Renegade has developed micro-annulus elimination service offerings around a pair of retrievable tools to provide an extremely simple, effective solutions.

CET – Casing Expander Tool™

Our Casing Expander Tool (CET) is a one-of-a-kind, refreshingly easy to deploy tool that performs localized permanent casing expansion to detent casing into the micro-annuli.

Simple. Permanent. Retractable. Zero Gas.