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Increase Wellhead Efficiency with Production Services from Renegade

Renegade Wireline Services takes pride in being the best in the industry at supporting well production, including slickline, braided line, electric line, and plug-and-abandon services. Our crews are some of the best-trained operators in the field with years of experience. We have the most up-to-date tools and equipment available.

Production Services by Renegade

Renegade Wireline Services performs all standard production services on pads of all sizes. Learn more about our major services below.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Crews

The lack of an experienced wireline operator can lead to poorly maintained units, poor well records, and impatience which jeopardizes the safety of the crew. Renegade’s operators are some of the best trained in the industry, and as a company we win safety awards year after year. Many of our customers find that their wellheads increase in productivity when using Renegade’s wireline services.

Largest Fleet of Trucks in the United States

Because we are the largest independently owned wireline company in the United States, our massive fleet of trucks (the largest privately-owned fleet in the US) are ready to serve any size project in the United States and Canada.

Top of the Line Equipment

Renegade's production services are all inclusive: we have everything your well-site needs for successful production. We take great pride in purchasing only the best equipment for the job. We keep our equipment clean and ready to go so that it is dependable on every pad, for every project, every time.

Preferred Relationship With Our Vendors

Despite the natural fluctuations in the oil & gas industry, we consistently maintain a great relationship with our vendors through the timely payment of our bills. When we need our equipment served, our vendors are generally willing to show up in our shop with tools right away.

E&P companies choose Renegade to get the job done right the first time. Call Renegade to get an answer backed by years of experience.

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Local Expander ™ Annular Squeeze Tool

LOCAL EXPANDER™ ANNULAR SQUEEZE TOOL Proven annular zonal isolation using localized casing expansion – Gas migration is no longer a threat to well integrity or economics of developed assets. Natural departure from a perfect application of any service is inevitable in...

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Micro-annulus Elimination

Surface Vent FLOW (SVF), Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), and Annular Flow MitigationGas Migration Statically, majority of surface gas behind casing can be attributed to variability in variable pressure gradients across varying geologic structures in the oilfield....

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Plug and Abandon

precision, complete, comprehensive, P&A (Plug and Abandon) There comes a point when the work on every well-bore operation is complete. Everything that can possibly be extracted from the site has already been done. But closing up the operation requires just as much...

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Get Better Real-Time Information with eLine. A well-site is a fluctuating and dynamic environment. Successful operations depend on having access to real-time data to allow you to adapt to changing conditions as soon as possible. Renegade Wireline Services uses an...

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Stuck Pipe Logging

The stuck pipe log uses acoustic measurement techniques to provide a continuous record and evaluation of a stuck pipe string. This logging service can be performed through drill pipe, casing, or tubing to identify problem areas.

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Step Rate Tests

Obtaining good data is the key to successful wellbore production. Testing step rates are one method for measuring this data, which can be very useful to identify the treatment parameters of the operation.

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Memory Gauges

An operational wellbore produces a tremendous volume of information that must be managed. A variety of diagnostic tools can help you manage your production functions and get a valuable insight into the processes that are occurring below the surface.

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It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that sometimes tools get lost down-hole. Some companies take an unconcerned approach to the issue, merely notifying you that something has gone missing. You’re left on your own to find a way to retrieve the items. We take a more proactive approach.

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Greaseless Line

Injecting a type of grease between the cable and flow tubes in the grease head is necessary in order to maintain a seal with conventional wireline. Unlike conventional line, the coating on greaseless cable reduces line friction caused by the cable rubbing on the inside of the casing.

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