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Mechanical Services 

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Problems that affect well production can occur at any point during the life of the well. Steps can be taken proactively to identify well problems and help ensure production rates do not decline. Renegade offers a full line of mechanical services that help remediate well problems to maintain or restore production rates, ensure safe well operation and make sure wells are compliant with all federal and local laws and regulations. 

  • Retrievable Bridge Plugs 
  • Bridge Plugs (2.375- to 9.625-in. standard, sizes over 9.625-in. available upon request) 
  • Extended Range Plugs 
  • Composite Bridge Plug (2.875- to 5.5 in.) 
  • Pull pipe 
  • Dump Bailer 
  • Sinker Bar 
  • Gauge Ring/Junk Basket 
  • Bridge Plug Retainer Packer 
  • Packer with Tailpipe 
  • Slow Burn Power Charge 
  • Disposable Setting Tool 
  • Kinley Cutter 
  • Pump Down Top Sub 
  • Pump Down Bottom Sub 
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Tractor Logging

Renegade units can hoist third-party tractor services that convey perforating guns, logging tools and any other tools that are typically run on eline but cannot be pumped down. Multi-conductor cable allows running high-data rate tools such as ultra sonic, pulsed neutron and other services to provide quality formation evaluation.  

Hoisting Services

Renegade eline or slickline units can hoist third-party services such as tractors, casedhole logging and specialty services including pulsed neutron, ultra sonic, spectral noise tools and casing inspection tools. Data can be saved to memory or accessed in real time depending on the unit.  

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