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Case Study:

Downhole InSight NuWav™ Camera Run Uncovers Failed Packer Retrieval


During the pre-deployment phase of well operations, an operator found they could not retrieve a packer set in 5-1/2-in. casing at 3789 ft. After several unsuccessful attempts to latch on to the packer with a retrieval tool and mills and wash pipe, they determined a visual view of the downhole environment was needed.


A downhole camera system would provide the most effective method to confirm the condition of the top of the packer and check casing integrity. Renegade’s NuWAV™ Camera, part of its’ Downhole InSight™ suite of tools, was deployed while circulating with fresh water down the 2-7/8-in. tubing. NuWAV provides real time video images of downhole activity over mono- or multi-conductor wireline. NUWAV visually confirmed that both packer and 5-1/2-in. casing had been milled in half at 3789 ft. 


With conclusive visual evidence from the NuWAV camera, the customer was able to confidently determine an action plan and tool selection that would allow wellsite operations to continue. The customer was very satisfied with Renegade’s NuWAV camera operation; subsequent steps taken stopped critical NPT and alleviated the risk of further well issues. Additionally, the camera was able to identify a problem with the top of the packer and a window that was cut in casing. If not identified, these areas could cause problems when additional services are attempted, such as running in or out of the well or completing the well.

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