Pictured (l-r) are Gary Gunset, Judy Atkins, Brett Douglas, JP Smith, Chuck Barbee, Joe Stewart, Tommy Davis, Adam Webster, Drew Bane, Keith Manlief, Amanda Steelman, Mariah Carrasco and Kylee Gunset.

Renegade Honors Gunset Legacy of Success in Snyder

In January 2011, Renegade forged a crucial partnership by merging Production Logging into the Renegade family. This strategic move, orchestrated by Jerry Gunset of Production Logging and Steve Gray of Renegade Services, marked the beginning of a mission to create opportunities and foster growth within the region. The merger was underpinned by a longstanding history in the wireline business by both companies which exemplified leadership and dedicated support.

The article highlights the dedicated commitment to quality and customer service from both companies that laid the foundation for the company’s favorable reputation in the region. The team’s focus on providing top-notch services—including wireline, downhole logging, perforating, and more—earned them a loyal customer base. This dedication to nurturing talent and creating opportunities underscores the importance of the merger and the groundwork for a thriving future for both the business and its employees.

Renegade emphasizes empowerment and growth, evident through the implementation of the Employee Stock Ownership Program. This reflects the organization’s belief in allowing employees to take control of their futures and contribute significantly to the company’s vision, building a culture of opportunity and advancement.

The article highlights in depth:

  • Partnership/Merger of Production Logging and Renegade Services
  • Assembling The Team  
  • Dedication To Quality
  • Leadership With Support
  • Building Opportunity

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Source: https://www.thesnydernews.com/