Pictured (l-r) are Spencer Wilson, Troy Haislip, Keegan Gray, Tony Perales, KJ Stanton, Danny Reed, Joe Contreras, Justin Foster, David Gray, Boadie Hobbs, Carlos Rodriguez, Richard Flores .

The employees at Renegade’s Andrews location display unwavering loyalty to the company, stemming from an interesting history. Boadie Hobbs, district manager, highlights a readiness to support the Gray family, reflecting the deep-rooted loyalty that persisted during the transition from Gray Wireline to Renegade. Co-owner David Gray and his father Steve were bound by non-compete clauses after selling Gray Wireline, yet their former employees patiently awaited their return, showcasing the strong bonds and trust within the team.

The success of Renegade in the Permian Basin, particularly in the Andrews district, is closely tied to the Gray family’s values and dedication to their employees. This dedication is evident in their approach to business, where employees are valued beyond mere numbers.

As the industry evolved, Renegade has adapted its operations in Andrews to maintain stability and success. The company has diversified its services, moving from primarily pump-down services to production work, which offers more consistent opportunities over the life of a well. Management credits the company’s ability to pivot and succeed to the strong team and family-like environment at Renegade. This adaptability, as well as the ESOP program, ensuring employees’ ownership stakes, fortifies the promise of stability and growth for the Renegade workforce and their families.

The article Renegade Wireline Services in Andrews uses ESOP, family values to retain, recruit employees first appeared in the Andrews County News, November 17, 2023. Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE. 

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