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Gas Migration

There comes a point when the work on every wellbore operation is complete. Everything that can possibly be extracted from the site has already been done. But closing up the operation requires just as much careful attention as the first part of drilling, if not more so. You need to do things the right way so that it doesn’t leave behind environmental damage and risks of future problems. Such problems can happen for a variety of reasons, but we want to do as much as we can to minimize our possible involvement.


This process involves multiple steps. We do not simply pump cement and leave. Doing it properly means taking every step to try to prevent oil well leaks in the future. At the same time, because the field is mature, it’s also important to manage costs and time. We cautiously manage time and costs at this stage to help our customer avoid unnecessary expenditures during the finishing phase of closing up your site.

Renegade Wireline Services is with you throughout the entire process. From managing your operation to successfully and thoroughly closing up the wellbore, Renegade Services has the technical expertise to get the job done right and the commitment to your specific project.


Renegade Services is not in the habit of settling based on the limitations of sub-par, though readily available resources. Refusing to accept an outdated and underperforming process led Renegade to scour the globe in search of a better tool for remedial work. Renegade is now bringing to the US market, TWO REAL SOLUTIONS to repair sustained casing pressure, gas migration and micro-annulus. The Casing Expansion Tool, or CET, is an economical solution for annular migration issues, and Cannseal, tech from Norway, (that is exclusive to Renegade Services) is a solution for more complex situations. 

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