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»The stuck pipe log is deployed from our standard logging unit and can be run through drill pipe, casing or tubing.

Stuck Pipe Log 

When wellsite problems occur, Renegade has the full range of options to successfully free stuck pipe.

The stuck pipe log uses acoustic measurement techniques to provide a continuous record and evaluation of a stuck pipe string. This logging service can be performed through drill pipe, casing, or tubing to identify problem areas. 

Acoustic pulses, initiated at the instrument’s transmitter, travel through the pipe string and are measured at the receiver. The acoustic energy level at the receiver is proportional to the degree of stuck pipe. Similar to conventional cement bond logging measurements, low attenuation readings indicate free pipe and high attenuation readings indicate stuck pipe. 

The stuck pipe log is superior to free point evaluation because the stuck pipe log is used to determine multiple stuck points throughout the well instead of just the first problem area. With a complete picture of the situation, an informed decision and subsequent pipe recovery plan can be devised, saving time and money. 

  • Piezoelectric crystals used in transmitters and receivers 
  • Includes wellbore temperature sensor 
  • H2S resistant construction 
  • Can be run in any mud type and weight 
  • Real time tool quality control 



Tool Specifications 

OD  1-11/16 in. (43 mm) 
Length  9.72 ft (2.97 m) 
Weight  52 lb (24 kg) 
Maximum Operating Temperature  450° F (232°C) 
Pressure Rating  20,000 psi (138 MPa) 
Vertical Resolution  3 ft CBL and 5 ft VDL 



Bottom line: Optimize your pipe recovery operation with Renegade’s Stuck Pipe Log.

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