Renegade introduces new Full Electric Drive Wireline Truck for customers in the Northeast

Renegade introduces new Full Electric Drive Wireline Truck for customers in the Northeast

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Renegade introduces new Full Electric Drive Wireline Truck for customers in the Northeast 

Today, companies are being challenged to evaluate their environmental footprint as part of long-term ESG strategy. One example recently occurred when Renegade Wireline Services and Benchmark Wireline Products teamed up to convert an existing Renegade Bulldog unit into an electric unit. For use in the northeast, where many customers are now requiring electric fleets on the job site, the unit will be housed in Pennsylvania during field introduction. While electric units at the rigsite are not a new idea, they have recently become more common due to several advantages.  

  • More efficient 
  • Lessens the environmental impact 
  • Less noise 
  • Meets regulatory requirements in some areas 


Local Expander Renegade

First Renegade full electric drive wireline unit.

Designed specifically for customers whose wells have a small footprint, Renegade’s Full Electric Drive Wireline unit can fit where other units cannot without taking up valuable rigsite space. Although there are competitor units available, they are larger in size, cost much more and are size-prohibitive for well sites with a small footprint. The Renegade unit was designed with the customer in mind to accommodate small locations.    

Randy Cassady, Renegade Owner and Vice President of Operations commented, “In the future there will be very few diesel units, whether new builds or retrofits. I think all wireline units will be required to be electric. Renegade has always been in the forefront of bringing technology that the customer has asked for and this is just one more example.” 

“We had worked with Benchmark in the past. They provided a measuring system we use in the field, but this was the first time we worked with them to retrofit a unit,“ Cassady added. “Our sales team is lining up customers to test the new unit. If the economics work out, more units will be converted.” 

Some of the features of this new unit include: 

  • Auto Surface Shutdown 
  • Auto Over-tension Shutdown 
  • Auto Target Depth Tie-In and Shutdown 
  • Automatic Torque Control Adjustment 
  • Automatic Cable Oiler (optional) 
  • Visual Alarm Settings 
  • Hoist Controller with Can Buss Interface 

Benefits to the service company include increased operational efficiency.  

  • No diesel fuel is required on location assuming there is AC power on location. 
  • There is reduced wear and tear on the equipment, especially on pump-down operations where the engine can be running for long periods of time. The unit motor is only used for transport from one location to another. 
  • Fewer moving parts except for the winch. No pumps, no PTO, etc. All replaced with electric power. 

Stephen Beck, CEO of BenchMark Wireline Products said,

“In the future, with the combination of electric units and ac power on location, the result will be a zero-carbon footprint.”

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