FracLock™ Multi-Head Well Connector and Articulated Arm.
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FracLock™: #FutureofFrac

The FracLock™ is designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure well operations, with three levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and business relations.

Four tapered wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night cap is received into the FracLock™. The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the tapered wedges securing the connection. The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures swivel arm operators can properly place equipment. By working remotely, technicians lock and unlock the FracLock™ from a safe distance eliminating possibility of injury.


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Articulated Well Fluid Connection System

Articulated arm accurately places the well fluid connection adapter directly into the FracLock™ quickly and efficiently. Articulated arm rotates approximately 330° and an estimated maximum reaches 40 feet for optimal performance under various conditions. Universal adapter that can be used for wireline, fracking, coiled tubing, and other operations. Reduces and/or eliminated the need costly equipment and time-consuming processes.

A FracLock™ is Ready for You

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