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Been looking for an out-of-the-box frac solution that’s on par with technologies in other industries?

FracLock™ was created to deliver real industry scalability. Gone are the days of a jungle gym of dumb iron and hammer unions. FracLock™ is the factory-grade solution to the rapidly growing optimization and reengineering segment. You asked and Renegade answered the call.



In partnership with FHE, USA, Renegade has developed an additional product in our suite of solutions that solves another facet of well site safety & efficiency, but in a way that is scalable for your automated current and future service requirements.

Similar to the functionality of the Renegade RigLock system during wireline operations, the FracLock™ allows the same quick-connect type system as with pressure pumping operations. FracLock™ eliminates the need for zipper manifolds and redundant connections, reducing the frequent safety inspections associated with all that iron.

FracLock™ leverages a similar tapered wedge design as RigLock™, and hydraulically actuated lock ring to engineer our way to an industry-leading safety standard, as well as a level of sophistication regarding remote well site management. Operators work from a safe distance away from the red zone with clear visibility of connection/disconnection operations.

With less equipment, comes less labor. Wellhead safety hazards are greatly reduced because of the lack of iron, and less manpower required for the same operational output. Redesigned safety improvements and time savings can be realized from the start of the first well.

FracScorpion™: Intelligent, Programmable Frac Boom

The intelligent system of the future lies on the other side of the connection. The FracScorpion™ is the Renegade articulated well fluid connection system that shines in its ability to dynamically maneuver during pumping operations with the simplicity of remote joystick controls. The FracScorpion™ has an auto-leveling controller that reduces the need for operator accuracy during already demanding job function. It also features 5-axis articulation for robotic precision for remotely controlled, programmable automated tool paths, and wifi connected, FracScorpion™ is laying the groundwork for a new standard of efficiency for the future of shale scaling.

FracScorpion™ comes configured in 7-inch standard sizing and it is currently consistently reaching a flow rate of 130 barrels per minute (bpm). The proprietary elbow design optimizes the ideal fluid flow path with the least amount of possible friction, which has FracScorpion™ leading the industry with maintenance intervals of over 3,900 hours before servicing.

Additionally, the unit is conveniently trailer-mounted with landing gear that is designed to have a minimized footprint and further clean up the red zone clutter of today’s completions operations. To drive reachability, the arm can reach and connect to wells at distances of up to 40 feet at full extension and has a swing radius of 330 degrees. The systems also come equipped with an adapter that allows for use during wireline, coiled tubing, and other services. Hydraulic power can be provided from numerous options including a supplied 75-horsepower diesel generator, or hookup to an onsite generator. Renegade has full-scale development and automation in mind upon delivering this technology to market.

FracScorpion™ Specs for Scale

5-Axis relational control with auto-leveling
12 programmable automated paths plus transport mode
Remote-controlled up to 200 ft away
7 in. ID & max flowrate 130bpm
Real-time monitoring from FracLock™ sensors
3,900-hour service interval

Every system features a touch screen operators control panel with digital gauges and multi-colored indicator lights to drive usability and quicker decision making. Among the gauges shows the Quick Test gauge where strings can be connected, tested, and recertified within 2 minutes of starting the test.

The complete FracLock™ system is the answer to the industries growing demands for automated scalability during today’s operations and supports the growth of the future. Renegade believes that turnkey, engineered solutions will be the primary driver of scale increases as shale fields are optimized. We are invested in pushing the limits of success, continually redefining maximums, and promote our vision of an oilfield built on automated systems and remote operations through engineered equipment and services.


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