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Injecting a type of grease between the cable and flow tubes in the grease head is necessary in order to maintain a seal with conventional wireline. Unlike conventional line, the coating on greaseless cable reduces line friction caused by the cable rubbing on the inside of the casing. Choosing the right line to run is more important than some may realize. The conventional line has two sets of outer armor wires with a conductor in the middle, but requires a grease injection head to seal the line. It’s messy, inefficient, and not the most eco-friendly solution.

Greaseless line is the best choice for many reasons. Along with the two sets of armor wires around a conductor, the greaseless line is also coated with a non-stick chemical, which eliminates the need for supplemental grease. Even though it has a greater upfront cost, it saves money in the end because there isn’t the additional need to pump in grease to seal conventional lines, and because it is also an eco-friendly alternative and there is no clean-up required. This is an increasingly important issue on today’s completions sites.

During conventional wireline operations the grease that’s pumped into the greasehead tends to be strewn across location. This creates a greater environmental impact on the site, which either leaves a big mess behind or presents the need to be cleaned up. Communities are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of drilling and don’t understand the real issues involved. Grease easily slings off of sheave wheels and hangs in the air, creating a major problem everywhere. In many ways, it’s one of the biggest hassles on a frac site.

Fortunately, this is a headache that’s preventable. Renegade Services uses Rochester greaseless line, which has been used successfully on more than 1,000 runs. Unlike other companies who may not have much experience with the greaseless line, Renegade was one of the first to implement it and brings nearly three years of expertise in its use to every job.

Count on the experience & efficiency of the right eco-friendly line for the job. You can say goodbye to the mess from traditional grease and eliminate the need for site cleanup when you choose Renegade Services.