It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that sometimes tools get lost down-hole. Some companies take an unconcerned approach to the issue, merely notifying you that something has gone missing. You’re left on your own to find a way to retrieve the items. We take a more proactive approach.

Renegade doesn’t just inform you that a loss has occurred down-hole, but we help you solve the issue. We use a variety of retrieval tools while fishing a lost BHA.

The advantage of Renegade is that we eliminate a lot of the usual headaches you encounter in a typical wellbore production environment. Instead of leaving you with unresolved problems, we get the job done right. Even if it’s something we don’t immediately know how to do, we don’t rest until we find the solution.

Determining The Best Conveyance Method For Wellsite Efficiency

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In certain situations, it may be more cost-effective to run standard mechanical services on eLine. Renegade can perform all traditional mechanical services such as tubing perforating and circulation in hole, on eLine. However, with eLine, we can also perform services such as logging, perforating and tracer services without having to get another truck on location. One call gets you anything that you will need for most conventional services. Renegade currently offers 7/32-inch (0.2188-inch) diameter eLine.  

To run these services, Renegade utilizes either a 2 7/8-inch lubricator or a larger 5.5-inch lubricator. Mast units are run through a three-stage grease head with grease onboard for pressure work.​ This provides additional levels of safety and pressure control for pressure work.  

  • Tubing perforating 
  • Circulating in hole 
  • Radioactive tracer services 
  • Radial cement bond log 
  • Casing inspection 
  • Compensated neutron log 
  • Any traditional logging service with larger 5.5-inch lubricator 
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Renegade offers slickline, braided line, eLine or a combination of these options for any wellsite application. Our crews are trained to run the full range of services, regardless of the conveyance method and have the experience to help select the best and most cost-effective method for your well. We also have sour line services for H2S and CO2 environments and greaseless line for environmentally-friendly, pump-down operations. Click here to learn more about Renegade’s full line of conveyance systems. 

Renegade Wireline Services is the largest independent provider of cased-hole electric wireline services and is recognized as the premier horizontal cased-hole completions service provider in the North American oil and gas industry. Renegade offers professional, experienced personnel with a cased-hole and radioactive tagging focus working in an efficient and safe manner to produce operational excellence and customer satisfaction. 


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The Service Company You Hire Matters

Get Better Real-Time Information with eLine.

A well-site is a fluctuating and dynamic environment. Successful operations depend on having access to real-time data to allow you to adapt to changing conditions as soon as possible. Renegade Wireline Services uses an electric line to provide the most accurate data capabilities possible.

The insulated cable is surrounded by multiple strands of wire called armors. This conductive wire provides a great way to send signals down the hole for a variety of purposes. You can initiate guns, plugs, or other devices. Some line is made of nickel, which is designed to survive in hostile environments such as CO2 wells.

The benefits of this line are related to how well they work in conjunction with other tools commonly used on a well-site. These tools include the casing collar locator, which responds to changes in metal volume by producing low-frequency voltage in a coil mounted between two magnets. Another tool that benefits from the electric line is the downhole electric cutting tool, which is a safe way to cleanly cut tubing with precision and without dangerous chemicals or explosives. The compensated neutron log measures the presence of hydrogen to determine the porosity of the formation. eLine is the key component that brings everything together to work efficiently and powerfully in production. It makes your tools function more effectively and serves up all the data you need from your operation.

Count on Renegade Wireline Services to know and use the right components for your job down to the smallest details.



A few examples of our eLine tools include:

  • Casing Collar Locator (CCL): Responds to changes in metal volume, such as pipe collars and perforations. As the tool passes a collar, or change in metal volume, lines of magnetic flux between two opposing permanent magnets are disturbed, causing a low-frequency voltage or an electromagnetic field to be induced in a coil mounted between the permanent magnets. Finally, the signal is converted into a readout for interpretation.
  • Downhole Electric Cutting Tool: This is a safe and reliable tool for cutting tubulars cleanly with precision without hazardous chemicals or explosives.
  • Compensated Neutron Log (CNL): Measures the formation porosity based on the presence of hydrogen in the formation. It is comprised of a radioactive source of either Cf or AmBe isotopes and a set of two detectors.


Obtaining good data is the key to successful wellbore production. Testing step rates are one method for measuring this data, which can be very useful to identify the treatment parameters of the operation.

The process begins with measuring the bottom hole pressure. Once we know the conditions downhole, we sit stagnate for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. The results of that test allow us to provide accurate information that is pertinent in the design of a lift system appropriate to the site. When armed with that information, you can use the proper pressure and flow rate to complete your operation.

Renegade knows that useful data is at the heart of every successful job.


An operational wellbore produces a tremendous volume of information that must be managed. A variety of diagnostic tools can help you manage your production functions and get a valuable insight into the processes that are occurring below the surface. They help operators to identify what systems they need to use and how to adapt to the conditions of the wellbore.

Memory gauges are one of the most helpful tools for diagnostics. They detect the pressure at the bottom of the hole and measure temperature. These gauges are also convenient because they provide more information without requiring a lot of resources and eliminate the need for e-line.  They are powered by a battery pack and can be set and left down-hole for an extended period to store data and then be retrieved at a later date.

The information allows operators to implement the right lift systems to get the oil/gas back out of the well and also provides the ability to determine the flow rate of the formation. When they know this information, they have better insight into how much fluid and pressure they are dealing with in a well. Having this knowledge saves time, money, and environmental damage.

A lot of companies provide this service, but only Renegade Wireline Services has the knowledge to ensure a successful job every time.

» During traditional wireline operation, the line is subject to contact with multiple segments of casing, collars and wipers. Each touch point increases the friction applied to the line. Because it does not use collars, wipers and tubes, greaseless line drastically reduces friction and tension resulting in lower line tensions during pump-down operations.

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During conventional wireline operations the grease that’s pumped into the grease head tends to be spread across location. This creates a greater environmental impact on the site, which either leaves a big mess behind or presents the need to be cleaned up. Communities are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of drilling and don’t understand the real issues involved. Grease easily slings off of sheave wheels and hangs in the air, creating a major problem everywhere. In many ways, it’s one of the biggest hassles on a frac site.

Choosing the right line to run is more important than some may realize. The conventional line has two sets of outer armor wires with a conductor in the middle, but requires a grease injection head to seal the line. It’s messy, inefficient, and not the most environmentally-friendly solution.

Fortunately, this is a headache that’s preventable. Renegade Services uses Streamline® greaseless line, which has been used successfully on thousands runs. Renegade was one of the first to implement it in 2014 and brings years of expertise in its use to every job.

Greaseless line is the best choice for many reasons. Along with the two sets of armor wires around a conductor, the greaseless line is also coated with a non-stick chemical, which eliminates the need for supplemental grease. Even though it has a greater upfront cost, it saves money in the end because there isn’t the additional need to pump in grease to seal conventional lines, and because it is also an environmentally-friendly alternative and there is no clean-up required. This is an increasingly important issue on today’s completions sites.

Count on the experience & efficiency of the right environmentally friendly line for the job. Eliminate the mess from traditional wireline grease and eliminate the need for costly wellsite cleanup when you choose Renegade Services.

» Streamline® Greaseless Line

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