About Renegade Wireline Services


Humble beginnings

Renegade Wireline Services (RWLS, LLC) was founded in 2009 by a service-minded group of wireline experts seeking an improved working environment  for themselves, their colleagues, and the future generation. They established Renegade on the backbone of decades of experience with a mission to always maintain financial strength, charge a fair value for services, and deliver high-quality customer service. 

  • Randy Cassady and Matt Gray founded Renegade in 2009

  • Renegade got its start in Mansfield, PA as a Pump-Down Wireline operation

  • Operations started with 2 trucks

  • Renegade expanded into the Permian Basin opening locations in Levelland, Andrews and Denver City Texas, building on the strong injection profile expertise from Steve Gray.
  • First acquisition: Production Logging Inc. opening Snyder, Texas

  • In less than a decade, renegade became the largest independently owned wireline company in the US with 16 districts nationwide.

Who We Are Now

The Largest Independent Provider for Cased-Hole Services in the US

Renegade Wireline Services is the largest independent provider of cased-hole services in the North American oil and gas market. Renegade operates in all major oil and gas basins in the United States and is industry recognized as the premier cased-hole completions service provider. Renegade offers professional, experienced personnel with a focus on automated wellsite services, fit-for-purpose wireline safety equipment, environmental evaluation technology, well integrity evaluation, production services and plug and abandonment services. All carried out in an efficient and safe manner to produce operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Renegade differentiators include simple, all-inclusive pricing plans, quick deployment on location, across-the-board capability and services, great customer service, and exclusive innovative technology partnerships through strategic and technology licensing agreements.  

Headquartered in Levelland, Texas, Renegade has local offices and services centers in Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Colorado, Louisiana and Wyoming. Internationally, Renegade provides services in Canada and Malaysia and is licensed to offer its Local Expander™ Annular Squeeze Tool in five additional countries.   

The Culture of Renegade Wireline Services

Do your part to make Renegade a great place to work

With Coworkers

Have integrity by taking responsibility, doing the right thing even when it hurts & leading by example.

Be direct and dependable. Respect is earned, so treat others how you expect to be treated.

No gossip. When speaking about a co-worker, speak as if they are standing next to you.

With customers

Strive for excellence and exceed expectations with safety, operational excellence, & financial performance.

Be direct and dependable. Respect is earned, so treat others how you expect to be treated.

Be attentive in every situation and be direct with customers, making us easy to do business with.

When no one is watching

Be a decent person. Make choices that will make your mother & your team proud. The way you present yourself is a direct reflection of Renegade.

Uphold ethical standards in your relationships. Happiness is rooted in the quality of the relationships with the ones you love.

Always make the safe choice, every time – everyone deserves to go home from work in the condition they came in.

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Renegade Services:
“To Be the Best”

Renegade Services is an oilfield wireline service company servicing the oil and gas industry in the United States.

With service locations in most major US hydrocarbon basins, we are ready to provide a wide variety of quality wireline services for your completions and pipe recovery needs.

Renegade Services has a proven track record of safe operations servicing both small and large companies perforating, mechanical services, radioactive tracing and isotope identification, cased-hole logging, and pipe recovery services nationwide.

Renegade is on the cutting edge of the industry providing the highest quality Casing Inspection logging services and Spectral Well Analysis, along with only the highest quality Perforating tools in the industry.

Operations are managed locally and are concentrated in major United States onshore oil and gas producing regions in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Renegade prides itself on the quality of its employees and the quality of its service. Our single-minded goal is “to be the best!”