Levelland, TX June 12, 2019, Renegade Wireline Services announced today that is has introduced a product offering automation-ready technology to the completions hardware market in the oil & gas services sector called FracLock™.

FracLock™ is a remotely actuated quick-connect product that allows for faster, safer, and more efficient hydraulic fracturing operations changeovers. FracLock™ was specifically designed to address the demand for scalability goals by shale-driven E&P companies in North America.

In conjunction with FracLock™, the technology package also includes a programmable modular frac boom called FracScorpion™.

FracScorpion™ is the only modular pressure pumping unit in the industry that has smart capabilities that allow it to articulate with robotic, multi-axis movements. The operator can program up to 12 positions in a 3-D space from which the controller can recall to repeat previous movements with precision. The swivel head features a continuous auto-leveling feature to ensure an efficient transition between wellheads. The trailer-mounted assembly features a patented high-pressure line with “smart-elbows” on a standard 7-inch line, 3,900-hour maintenance interval, and an industry-leading 130 barrel per minute (bpm) flow rate.

The pair of the two completion hardware comes after they released a similar product, RigLock®15K, in efforts to standardize completions operations with an aggressive introduction to their suite of equipment and services.

Randy Cassady, Renegade Co-founder/Co-owner, stated Wednesday, “Our vision for a service company was to provide exceptional service quality by combating the challenges of our customers and making their challenges our own. It is this driver that led us to be an equipment technology leader in such a short time. FracLock is the catalyst project for a smarter fracpad, and Renegade is the right team to take such a product to market.”

Renegade will now have the ability to align itself with the cost-cutting operators looking to maximize efficiencies and take a ‘factory-approach’ to shale basins. The modernized equipment is now data-enabled with real-time connectivity to enable operators to focus on everything from procedure times to troubleshooting excessive downhole problems.

RWLS will have the first FracLock™ and FracScorpion™ units on location in Q3 of 2019.

Renegade is a global leader in completion and production field services to E&P companies in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Brenson Fry
RigLock® District Manager
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Lesley Hoops
Director of Marketing
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